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Strawberry Tres Leches Cake by The Cloudé Concept


Strawberry Tres Leches Cake by The Cloudé Concept: Let me tell you one foodie discovery that I made during the quarantine. I was looking for nice holiday presents for work – something that looks pretty and premium to give to our clients, but within a reasonable budget as well. That’s when I discovered “The Cloudé Concept”, an Instagram shop selling tres leches cakes that not only look good – they taste incredible too!

I first found my love for tres leches cakes when I ordered Flour Pot Manila’s Pastel Tres Leches con Fresas. This time though I was looking for a more affordable option (Flour Pot Manila’s tres leches cake is priced at Php 1,380.00) because I was planning to buy in bulk. This is where The Cloudé Concept came in – they have a small tres leches cake priced at only Php 550.00 – just the right cost for the budget I had in mind!

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The Cloudé Concept – Pequeña Strawberry Cake – Php 550.00

As its name suggests, the Pequeña Strawberry Cake is the smallest tres leches cake available in The Cloudé Concept’s menu, with a size of 4x8x2 inches. With this size, I can finish the whole thing up in one sitting if you ask me. It was delivered to me neatly wrapped in this very elegant Furoshiki silk that looked so pretty, I just had to take a video before unwrapping it! See the video below for yourself!

When you order from The Cloudé Concept, you have the option to choose the color of the Furoshiki Silk wrap that you want. The color that I had is called “Champagne” – but there are other pretty silk colors too – like the pinkish “Rosé”, the dark “Caviar”, or different shades of green such as the “Pine”, “Lime”, and “Kiwi”. Check out The Cloudé Concept’s Instagram Story highlights for the rest of the colors.

After I unwrapped the silk, I was greeted by an equally pretty tres leches cake. Thin slices of organic strawberries sit on top of a moist and dreamy sponge cake. I ate directly from the aluminum container that the cake came in because I have no plans of leaving any leftovers anyway. The cake is sooo light and creamy, you can tell that it’s really soaked in three different kinds of milk! Every time I scoop out a bite, sweet, thick milk oozes out of the cake. I gobbled the whole thing up in no time!

Between the two that I’ve tried, I think that the tres leches recipe of The Cloudé Concept is slightly less sweet than that of Flour Pot Manila’s, which I didn’t mind because the milkiness made up for it. I personally love both of these tres leches but if you are looking for a smaller size, then The Cloudé Concept would be the better choice.

The Cloudé Concept Tres Leches Cake Price

See their full menu and the rest of their services below:

How to Order from The Cloudé Concept

To order, simply send The Cloudé Concept a direct message on Instagram or email them at

Tres Leches Cake Origin

A quick Google search will tell you that the origins of the tres leches cake is in Latin America, particularly Mexico. Other places that claim the original tres leches recipe are Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. However, there’s also a theory that the inspiration for the cake came from England, which was then passed on when Spain colonized Nicaragua in the 1950s.


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