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Whenever I go out with friends I always have something to say about the food we ate, the movie we watched, the ambiance of the place, so I thought hey, why not write a blog about it?

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I’ve thought of a personal motto for myself: “Life is short, live more”. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound very original but trust me, I thought of it myself. There is a bunch of things to do and explore and now that I already have the motivation and energy to go out and experience the world, I’m going to share them with you and tell you what I think of them through this blog.
Other than sleeping, what I love to do the most during my free time is either eat or see a movie, so most of my posts are probably going to be movie and food reviews. It’s the perfect combination don’t you think? Gobbling up grub while seeing a good film – perfect if you’re a foodie and a movie buff at the same time.
I’ll also tell you about the places I go to, the events I attend, pretty much everything I try that’s new to me and worth sharing.

So, let’s live up to that motto and start exploring!

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