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  • solo a star wars story review
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Movie Review

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Movie Review: If the rebel insurgents who stole the blueprints of the Death Star get to have their own spinoff movie, then ...

    On May 22, 2018 / By
  • deadpool 2 full movie review 2
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    Deadpool 2 Review

    Deadpool 2 Full Movie Review: Katana-wielding wisecracks have existential woes too. At least that’s the two-year-old chicken soup that the new superhero film, “Deadpool 2”, insists you unspool. David ...

    On May 18, 2018 / By
  • mata tapang review
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    Cinefilipino 2018: Mata Tapang Review

    There’s more to Rod Marmol’s “Mata Tapang” than meets the eye (yep, pun intended). While it may seem a war film on the surface, it leans more towards ...

    On May 17, 2018 / By
  • excuse me po cinefilipino movie review
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    CineFilipino 2018: Excuse Me Po Review

    Ronald Espinosa’s CineFilipino 2018 entry, “Excuse Me Po” feels like it wants to tackle many things at once, that it became a hodge-podge of confusing narratives crammed into ...

    On May 14, 2018 / By
  • hitboy review cinefilpino
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    CineFilipino 2018: Hitboy Review

    Hitboy CineFilipino 2018 Review: Alex (Adrian Cabido) is a fifteen year-old boy who, out of desperation, had to take a job as a gun-for-hire. His father is confined ...

    On May 11, 2018 / By
  • love simon full movie
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    “Love, Simon” Review

    At the heart of George Berlanti’s “Love, Simon” is a precariously self-affirming message. “I’m just like you,” opens Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a handsome high schooler who keeps ...

    On May 4, 2018 / By


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Jollibee Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe (how to make Lumpiang Shanghai)

Jollibee Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe: Fried spring rolls, or as we Filipinos like to call it, “lumpiang shanghai”, is a staple on the Filipino dining table—for good reason. It’s ...

On April 25, 2018 / By

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