flour pot manila strawberry doughnuts

Sink Your Teeth into Flour Pot Manila’s Strawberry Doughnuts

Flour Pot Manila’s Strawberry Doughnuts are worth the mess!

I remember seeing this video on Food Insider about a doughnut shop in LA that’s famous for its fresh strawberry doughnuts. The shop is called “The Donut Man”, and they offer round doughnuts that are generously stuffed with fresh strawberries and their signature homemade glaze. That video stuck with me and I’ve always thought about how it probably tasted like, especially with how huge and juicy those strawberries looked in the video. Unfortunately, since I’m living in the Philippines, I definitely won’t be able to visit The Donut Man anytime soon.

This doesn’t mean though that I won’t be able to satisfy this strawberry doughnut craving. I’ve discovered that there’s a bakeshop in Manila that offers similar strawberry-stuffed doughnuts that you can simply order online. I’m talking about Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila.

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I sent a message to their Instagram account to order. I’m glad that the transaction was fast and convenient. They gave me a list of the products that are available for the month, I replied with my order and delivery details, then paid through online bank transfer. Just like that, my order is confirmed. A box of six doughnuts is Php 1,080.00. In my case, the delivery fee is Php 300.00, so I paid for a total of Php 1,380.00. 

My order arrived after two days. I was excited to finally try the doughnuts, but my excitement turned into dismay when I opened the box and I saw that the whole thing was a mess. 

strawberry filled doughnuts

I’m sure that these doughnuts were prepared nicely before delivery but it appears that the presentation was messed up during transit. I don’t know if I should blame the delivery guy because I have no idea if he knows what type of doughnuts he’s delivering. One thing’s for sure, the first impression was definitely not appetizing.

I managed to put the pieces back together so I can enjoy them better (and of course, so I can take nicer shots haha). The moment I sinked my teeth into the doughnuts, it was just pure delight! Flour Pot Manila’s version of the strawberry doughnuts are coated with a vanilla glaze and are overflowing with huge king strawberries. As I took a few more bites, I realized that there’s also a layer of custard that oozes with the strawberries, elevating the overall flavor and experience of eating the doughnuts. Granted, these doughnuts are visibly not as large those shown in Food Insider’s video, but to me they are the perfect size. It’s messy to eat but definitely worth every big bite. 

flourpot manila sttrawberry doughnuts

What I loved the most about Flour Pot Manila’s strawberry doughnuts is that even without the strawberries, the glazed doughnuts are still good on their own! I’ve read on their Facebook Page that the doughnuts are hand-rolled, yeast raised, and made with free range eggs.

Flour Pot Manila’s Strawberry Doughnuts are sold at a limited time, so be sure to be on the lookout at their social pages to see whenever these are being offered. Simply send them a message over Facebook and Instagram to order.

Flour Pot Rum Cakes Manila

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flourpotmanila
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flourpotmanila/
Contact Number: 09177892352
Email: hello.flourpot@gmail.com


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