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Kingsman 2: Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Review

KINGSMAN 2: KINGSMAN THE GOLDEN CIRCLE FULL MOVIE REVIEW: A quirky mix of class and badass would be a fitting description for this delightfully fun sequel of the Kingsman film series. The plot may easily be something taken from a Nickoledeon spy film, but one that comes with gripping action sequences, charming characters, and an overly enthusiastic Elton John.

A year after the events from Kingsman 1, Eggsy Undin (Taron Egerton), has inherited the code name of Galahad in the Kingsman organization. Trouble starts to brew when Charlie Hesketh, a former Kingsman trainee, attacks Eggsy and hacks the Kingsman system. It turns out that Charlie is now working with Poppy Adams, a businesswoman who owns the world’s largest drug cartel. With Poppy threatening the world with a toxin that she infused in her drugs, Eggsy must now work with Statesman, the American counterpart of Kingsman, to once again save the world.

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Kingsman 2: Kingsman The Golden Circle Full Movie Review

At the very least, Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle was just as violently fun as its predecessor. Right at the start of the film we are treated to a brilliantly choreographed action sequence inside a cab, which is unarguably reminiscent of the church fight scene in the first Kingsman movie. This sequel has a lot of stylized action, and they do it well, just don’t be too particular about what’s realistic and logical.

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kingsman the golden circle full movie review
I just wished that Channing Tatum and Halle Berry had more chances to take part of the action.

Admittedly though, the plot was meh. The story could have easily been an R-rated version of Spy Kids, with almost every turn predictable and formulaic. What struck me though, was how some of the events in the storyline mirrored the real-life war on drugs right now in the Philippines. It was a topic that felt so close to home, and if anything, I hope that the movie contributed to the wake-up calls to end impunity and the killings in our country brought by this so-called war.

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kingsman the golden circle full download

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a decent sequel to the first Kingsman movie that most of us loved. If they keep up the gripping action and quirky characters brought alive by a stellar cast, I wouldn’t mind if they turn the Kingsman film series into a trilogy.

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