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Bugis Singaporean Streetfood


It’s 10pm. I just got home from having dinner with at Bugis Singapore Streetfood at Quezon City.  The food is sooooo good, that I feel compelled to write a blog post about it as soon as I got on my jammies and opened my laptop. 

Located along Nicanor Roxas street in Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, Bugis doesn’t look much from the outside. The line is long, the parking is limited, and to be honest, if it wasn’t for the good reviews that I’ve been hearing about it, I’d probably choose the fancier-looking Singaporean restaurants around it.

Nicanor Roxas street is a crowded area (my sister told me it’s always like this during the few times she visited), but to be fair with Bugis Singaporean Streetfood, their parking attendants and the service crew are organized and well-trained to handle the throngs of people lining up to get a table. My family was lucky that night because the people before us in the waiting list probably wasn’t patient enough and left, and so we got a table in just a matter of minutes. 

I also noticed that the turnover of customers are quick. Normally, diners would stay a bit longer after eating but in the case of Bugis, the customers leave not long after they have finished eating. When I got inside, I realized that the place is not really conducive for conversations because it’s a busy, noisy place. Imagine an enclosed cafeteria or karenderia with tables that are too close to each other for comfort that yes, you would actually prefer to leave right after you’ve had your meal. I’m not sure if this is the restaurant’s strategy but hey, it works well in accommodating more customers. 

bugis singapore street food review

The place may not be fancy, but it’s a different story when it comes to the food. Bugis Singapore Streetfood hands-down served the best Singaporean dishes that I’ve tried here in the Philippines – and this is considering that I just went to National Kitchen by Violet Oon in Singapore last month!

Singaporean Laksa (Php 250.00)

One of the staples in a Singaporean restaurant is the laksa. I will tell you with passion that you must must MUST try Bugis Singaporean Streetfood’s Singaporean Laksa. Each order is good for around 2-3 people, but if you have the appetite, one person can also finish the whole thing by himself. The Singaporean Laksa is served on a chafing plate with a small fire at the bottom to keep the food simmering hot even long after it has been served. Upon the first sip of the broth, I knew that I will be craving for this laksa in the next few weeks (just thinking about it now makes me want to go all the way to Quezon City). You can also ask for a refill of the broth if you run out, although they only give 1 refill per order.

Nasi Goreng Rice (Php 125.00), Mee Goreng (Php 185.00), and Veggie Spring Rolls (Php 180.00)

We ordered several side dishes to make our meal a real Singaporean feast. The Nasi Goreng Rice is mixed with what I believe to be chunks of meat, sweet chorizo, corn kernels, and scrambled eggs. It’s so flavorful you can even eat it on its own!

bugis singapore street food review quezon city

The Mee Goreng on the other hand, has an overwhelming spicy aroma that would make you think twice before putting some in your mouth. Don’t worry though because it’s not as spicy as it smells. I have low tolerance for spicy food but I was still able to manage, and I liked it because there is some sweetness in it.

singaporean grocery in manila

The Veggie Rolls is your classic lumpiang gulay fully stuffed with carrots, bean sprouts (togue), and some other vegetables (to be honest, I can’t identify them all haha). Dip it in vinegar and it would remind you of the lumpiang togue you always loved at home – oily and crispy, just the way I like it!

bugis banawe price list

Beef Rendang (Php 295.00)

My friends have known that since I have tasted the Beef Rendang of National Kitchen by Violet Oon in Singapore, I have always been on the hunt for the best rendang here in the Philippines. My search has led me to some disappointments like my experience in Banana Leaf, and to some nice discoveries like the rendang I had in Mesa. I also remember having a nice beef rendang meal in Papa Rich when I went to Australia!

bugis branches manila

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The Beef Rendang from Bugis Singapore Streetfood at Quezon City, has its own charm. It’s yellowish, unlike the fiery red colors of other beef rendang I’ve tried. The gravy is also less thick, but still rich with sweet and spicy flavors, with strong coconut and curry aroma. I wished that I also ordered plain rice because I didn’t want to mask the rendang’s flavors with the equally strong taste of the Nasi Goreng Rice!

Admittedly, nothing still beats the Beef Rendang I’ve tried at National Kitchen by Violet Oon – it was sweet, thick, and just the right kind of spicy! I learned from some Singaporean friends though, that Violet Oon’s recipe is more distinct because it’s a unique Chinese – Malay recipe. Offhand though, I’d be happy to recommend the rendang at Bugis Singapore Streetfood at Quezon City if you’re craving here in the Philippines.

Roti (Php 40.00)

A nice meal like that can’t be finished off without dessert, we also had a Roti (Php 40.00) at the end of our meal. It’s basically stretchy flatbread that you can dip in plain condensed milk. It’s as basic as dessert can get but hey, it works!

bugis singapore street food

For that large meal for four, we only spent Php 1,387.00 (inclusive of VAT)! And we even had some leftovers for takeout!

Needless to say, I left Bugis Singapore Streetfood at Quezon City with a happy heart and an even happier tummy! If you’re planning to visit, be sure to bring not just an empty stomach, but also a looooong patience because you’ll most likely have to wait for some time before you get seated. But trust me, the long wait is worth it.


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