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Cafe Seolhwa Review: Café Seolhwa Bingsu at Forum, BGC


After seeing online that Yoree has a Buy 1 Take 1 offer for their Samgyeopsal, my workmates and I headed to Forum at BGC to avail of the special offer. It’s true, pork belly orders really are offered at Buy 1 Take 1 from Mondays to Thursdays, but gobbling up all those fat and oil would require dessert! Forum at BGC houses a good array of restaurants (One of my favorites, Sarsa, is located here), so it’s not hard to find a dessert place. Since the summer heat has become unbearable, Café Seolhwa Bingsu sounded like a great idea.


Before this, the only Bingsu that I’ve tried so far is from Hobing. And it was a pretty pleasant experience. Café Seolhwa is not much different, although the space is smaller, and the ladies taking your orders aren’t as enthusiastic as Hobing’s. But, I won’t be quick to judge without trying their specialties.

cafe seolhwa forum bgc

I prefer the fruit-based bingsu over the ones like the chocolate and injeolme varieties, so on my first visit, we had the Mango Cheese Bingsu, and the Good Bye Monkey Bingsu.

Cafe Seolhwa Review

Mango Cheese Bingsu

The Binsgu are served on these tin bowls that resembled those buckets where chicken wings are served. Not the most flattering container, but it works well in highlighting the beauty of the bingsu itself. The Mango Cheese Bingsu was just how I expected it to be – finely shredded ice (made from milk), are generously topped with mango cubes and cheesecakes. Vanilla Ice cream is perched on top of the heap.

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Sure enough, each spoonful was a delight to the taste buds. Even when eaten together, the mangoes and cheesecakes weren’t overwhelmingly sweet. Instead, you have a refreshingly creamy, melt in your mouth treat.


To be honest, it’s not that much different from Hobing’s version. This makes me think that the mango-cheesecake combo is probably one of the basic flavors of bingsu.


Monkey Banana Binsgu

The Monkey Banana Bingsu has more to offer than its interesting name. Banana already goes well with cinnamon and caramel, but the addition of glazed walnuts elevated the dish into whole new level of tasty. This easily became one of my favorite bingsu flavors.

cafe seolhwa bgc

On first impression it may seem that the bananas and walnuts are only toppings placed on the outside. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that are more to the core than ice shavings. If I’m not mistaken, this was supposed to be a special offering for the 2016 holidays. It  seems though that people loved it enough for it to earn a comeback.


Other than binsgu, Café Seolhwa also offers croissants, rice cakes, and even toasts that are equally as pretty as the bingsu.


Café Seoulhwa

The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

02 2469069 ext:755


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