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Bulalo Point in Tagaytay Review: Tagaytay is the ultimate go-to destination if you’re craving bulalo. Firstly, its cool climate perfectly complements the warmth and heartiness of a steaming bowl of bulalo, giving you a cozy and comforting dining experience. Secondly, Tagaytay’s proximity to local farms ensures that the ingredients used in preparing bulalo are fresh, contributing to its rich and authentic flavors. Thirdly, the breathtaking scenery of Tagaytay, especially the panoramic views of Taal Volcano, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. Tagaytay is home to numerous restaurants and eateries specializing in bulalo, making it a hub for foodies and casual diners alike, seeking the best rendition of this beloved Filipino dish.

Bulalo Point Review

So, we decided to check out Bulalo Point because I’ve heard from friends that they serve one of the best Bulalo in Tagaytay! And you know what? It totally lived up to the hype! Everything we ordered was on point!

To kick off our meal, we indulged in the Ensaladang Mangga, serving as our appetizer. This particular rendition hit all the right notes for me, boasting a perfect balance of sweetness from the mango. Surprisingly, even the bagoong held its own, offering a delightful combination of salty and tangy flavors. Its harmonious blend of salty, tangy, and sweet elements acted as an ideal complement to the robust richness of the bulalo awaiting us. This appetizer set a high bar for the rest of the meal, leaving us eagerly anticipating what culinary delights awaited us next.

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Now, speaking of bulalo, they offer two kinds: the Classic Bulalo and the Nilagang Bulalo, the latter boasting an abundance of veggies and a slightly higher price tag. The serving size is massive, easily accommodating a group of five hungry diners. Despite multiple servings, we couldn’t quite conquer the entire bowl, brimming with veggies and even surprising banana slices. As for the meat, it’s tender and succulent, reminiscent of perfectly cooked corned beef.

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And that broth, OMG, it’s like a comforting embrace in a bowl, warming you up from the inside out with each sip. Somehow, it feels lighter, less greasy, yet bursting with rich flavors that envelop your senses. And let’s not overlook the bone marrow, rumored to be an aphrodisiac, adding an extra layer of allure to the dish.

And of course, we had to try the Tawilis since we’re in Tagaytay. Pro-tip: ask them to toast the Tawilis so it’s super crispy – you can munch on the head and bones of the fish like it’s nothing. It’s seriously delicious, this dinner just hits differently!

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The place has a really chill vibe, kinda like a mid-tier karinderia. Clean, spacious, and there’s a view too, though we missed out on that ’cause it was already dark.

If you’re in Tagaytay and you’re feeling the chill, head over to Bulalo Point for a warming and satisfying meal. Their bulalo is top-notch, the broth is like a hug in a bowl, and the overall vibe of the place is just right. Don’t forget to try their shrimp paste with green mango salad and the toasted tawilis for an extra treat! Tagaytay’s bulalo scene just got hotter with Bulalo Point in the mix. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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