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Spa with a View of the Taal Volcano at Qi Wellness Living in Tagaytay


I found a place where you can kick back, soak in stunning views, and let all your worries melt away. That place is QiWellness Living in Tagaytay — a spot that’s all about good vibes and chill times. From sipping on tea with a view to getting pampered with massages overlooking Taal Volcano, every moment here is geared towards making you feel like a million bucks!

QiWellness Tagaytay Review

For that ultimate Tagaytay staycation, we booked their QiWellness overnight couple package, which includes a tea ceremony, a 90-minute massage, usage of their Yin-Yang pool, a 3-course dinner, and their dim sum breakfast. As you enter through their vibrant red doors, you’re welcomed by the resounding bang of a gong, instantly signaling the beginning of your luxurious escapade. And let me tell you, the view of Taal that greets you is nothing short of spectacular. With the open-air setup, it almost feels like you’ve got the place all to yourself, adding a touch of exclusivity and making you feel like VIPs.

Starting off the experience is a serene tea ceremony, where you can kick back, sip on some freshly brewed tea, and soak in that cool Tagaytay breeze. It’s like the ultimate start to your relaxation journey, setting the vibe for what’s to come. It gets you right in the mood for some serious unwinding.

So, after we finished the tea ceremony, they led us to our room, and let me tell you, it was right smack in front of the pools with the most epic view of Taal Volcano. The aesthetic is modern Chinese, super spacious, and complete with the basic amenities. And in case you’re wondering, yes they do have a bidet (a must-have for every trip that I make). For a better view of the room, see my TikTok video here.


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Now let’s get to the good stuff—the massage! QiWellness Tagaytay provided us with disposable shorts and nice, thick robes (a must if you want to have your massage in the cool outdoors). We made our way to the massage area overlooking Taal Volcano. And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like getting a massage with that breathtaking view in the background. It was a 90-minute deep tissue massage. It felt so good that I fell asleep, haha! Just. Pure. Bliss!

After the massage, we lounged by the pool, eagerly awaiting our candle-lit dinner. The setup creeped me out a little bit, to be honest, with the large black chairs and the red candles. But they never failed to keep that feeling of exclusivity because, despite the large dining area, I only saw one other couple aside from us who were having their dinner. Speaking of the food, I was kinda hoping that there’s bulalo but there wasn’t any since I’m guessing it’s a Chinese menu haha.

The squash salad was nice, fresh, and crispy. For the main dish, they served us Lo Mai Gai (sticky rice chicken) wrapped in leaves. The sticky rice is literally stuffed inside the chicken! I’m just glad that they served it in our plates because I had no clue how to eat this dish lol. It has an earthy taste, and the flavor of the chicken seeped into the rice. The highlight of the meal, though, is the salted egg ice cream. It was a revelation! I never knew that salted egg tasted great as an ice cream flavor!

After dinner, we indulged in the Yin-Yang pool experience. This is essentially two pools – with one hot, and the other cold. And I’m telling you – they’re really hot and cold. We were just floating there, feeling all zen and stuff, embracing the contrast of the warm and cool waters against our skin. Man, it was such a surreal experience, like we were in our own little world, far away from all the hustle and bustle.

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The next morning, we woke up to the breathtaking sight of Taal Volcano—a truly magical start to the day. And breakfast was the perfect way to wrap up our stay. I enjoyed the breakfast much more than the dinner. We had congee with several condiments on the side – there were anchovies, spring onions, pork floss, century egg, fermented tofu, and peanuts. The dim sum set is also super good, especially the siomai and siopao!

The QiWellness Tagaytay Couple Package comes with a price tag of Php 15,800, but trust me when I say it’s worth every penny. Qi Wellness Living in Tagaytay isn’t just a spa—it’s a sanctuary of relaxation and luxury, where every moment is an invitation to unwind and indulge.


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