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Pickaroo Review: Use this Pickaroo Promo Code to get a Php 250 discount


Use this Pickaroo Promo Code in order to get a Php 250 discount on your first order from the app: GEOF1482

Pickaroo Promo Code / Referral Code

The discount code above is valid for new users, so be sure to use it for your first order! Here’s how you can use the code:

  1. After selecting your groceries, go to your cart and proceed to check out.
  2. Select your preferred timeslot.
  3. Right below the timeslot, there’s a field where you can input a promo code. Type my referral code GEOF1482 to enjoy a Php 250 discount on your purchase.
  4. Proceed with payment.

Note though that this Pickaroo promo code can be used ten (10) times only. After that, the code may no longer be valid.

pickaroo promo code
Use the Pickaroo Promo Code GEOF1482 for a Php 250 discount on your first order!

Pickaroo Review

I have been using Pickaroo since the pandemic started. My short Pickaroo review is that I’m generally satisfied with its service. Below are the pros and cons of using Pickaroo:


  • Aside from groceries, there is a wide variety of products you can purchase on the app. From meals, gifts, household items, gadgets, even medicines.
  • The most popular supermarkets and grocery stores are available in the app such as SnR, Farmer’s Market, Lander’s, and Robinson’s Supermarket. 
  • Unlike some grocery apps in the Philippines that ask you to purchase items in bulk, some supermarkets (such as Robinson’s Supermarket) in Pickaroo allow you to buy smaller quantities of items.
  • Relatively lower delivery fee and service fee, compared to other apps.
  • Sometimes they deliver your orders in cute Pickaroo tote bags, so you won’t have a hard time carrying your groceries even if you order a lot.
  • If there’s an unavailable item in your order, their representatives call you to suggest other available alternatives.
  • You can order from multiple stores in one checkout.
  • You can choose your own timeslot of delivery. If you book early, you can even get your orders on the same day!
  • App interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • A variety of ways to pay – including credit cards or GCash!

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  • There’s no real-time GPS tracking that let’s see you where your order is on the map. However, their riders are often on time so I don’t really worry about this much.
  • You have to go to a store in the app before you can search for a specific product. You can’t search for products directly on the homepage.
  • There’s no function where you can compare prices of the same product from different stores.

Pickaroo Delivery Fee

Pickaroo Philippines has one of the lowest delivery fees among the grocery apps that I have tried. For instance, Coop Grocer charges Php 250.00 for orders.

In my case, the Pickaroo delivery fee ranges from Php 48 – Php 88 only. I’m assuming this depends on the distance of the delivery.

However, note that aside from the delivery fee, Pickaroo also charges a Convenience Fee (in my case around Php 50 – Php 68), which is also the Shopper’s Fee.

Pickaroo Owner

The founder of Pickaroo is Kevin Tan. He currently heads Alliance Global Inc., a Philippine conglomerate that has a particular focus on food, beverage, real estate, and hospitality.

Kevin Tan’s co-founder is Crystal Gonzales, who is also the CEO of Pickaroo. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because Crystal also led a similar on-demand service app called Honestbee previously.


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