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Monthly Movie Log: “Doctor Sleep”, “Headcount”, “The King”, and more!

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October has just ended, but there is no shortage of horror films this November. The films we’ve covered this month include Mike Flanagan’s take on Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep”, Netflix’ “The King” starring Timothée Chalamet, Elle Calahan’s supernatural thriller, “Headcount”, and more!

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Doctor Sleep (2019)

Mike Flanagan

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is a metamorphosed vision. It’s an impossible feat to have made a film with abstract horrors from Stephen King’s more intimate and clearly defined demons. By the same token, Mike Flanagan’s take on Doctor Sleep, written from the same-name 2013 follow-up, is by the same token his own creation, melding with admirable fervor the abstractions that made the 1980 film so universally terrifying without losing grip of the core of King’s own vision. The result is a heady mix of broad and blunt horrors, of ice-cold hurt and the filling warmth of defiance. When it touches one way or the other, it blisters. A worthy if imperfect follow-up bred from two contrasting works. –  Armand

Mike Flanagan’s “Doctor Sleep” is nothing “The Shining”, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Despite the loads of fan service and call backs to Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic, “Doctor Sleep” is a movie on its own, structurally and tonally different from its predecessor.

Admittedly, the film is predictable for the most part (which is something you wouldn’t want in a horror movie). Still, Mike Flanagan gives us is a different kind of terror – one that’s less confined but still intimate and personal. – Geoff

The King (2019)

David Michôd

*Review Pending*

Headcount (2018)

Elle Callahan

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