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Bebang Halo Halo Review: Try the Best Seller “Gold” Halo-halo!


Bebang Halo-halo Review: Is it just me, or do you also crave iced desserts more when the weather is cold? For some reason, when it’s rainy or chilly, that’s when I start looking for ice cream, shake, or halo-halo. There was even a time when I made my own halo-halo recipe at home just to satisfy my craving! 

On days that I’m too lazy to make my own food, I just order online. One of my recent dessert discoveries is Bebang Halo Halo – a dessert shop in Mandaluyong that has become popular because of its various halo-halo flavors that add a unique spin to the traditional Filipino dessert. 

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Bebang Halo Halo Review

Bebang’s Halo-halo may just be the best halo-halo in Manila that I have tried in quite a while. I was able to try several of their best-selling flavors, namely the Halo Halo Presidential, Banana Cinnamon con Yelo, Halukay Ube, Mango Graham, Halo Halo Special, and the much sought-after Royal Halo Halo

After trying all of them I now understand the hype – all of the flavors are good! Instead of using just plain crushed ice, they use frozen milk as the base, so the halo-halo remains creamy and milky even when it’s melted. Unlike other halo-halo brands that I know that rely on ice cream for their flavor, Bebang’s Halo-halo does not need to be topped with ice cream for it to be delicious. I think this is mostly because of the generous amount of ingredients. Just by looking at the container, you can see how thick the layers of the various ingredients are. Who needs ice cream when you have ube-flavored frozen milk and large chunks of langka ang leche flan?

My personal favorites among their flavors are the Halo Halo Presidential, Banana Cinnamon con Yelo, and the best-selling Royal Halo Halo.

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Bebang Halo Halo Best Seller: The “Gold” Royal Halo Halo

Probably the most popular among Bebang’s halo-halo flavors is the Royal Halo Halo, which is unique not just for its size but also for the fact that it has gold! Yep, that’s legit 24-karat gold as one of the halo-halo’s toppings. I’ve seen posts online saying that this easily gets sold out, so I’m extra lucky to get my hands on one.

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The Royal Halo Halo stands twice as tall as the other flavors, so you’re really getting your money’s worth. Aside from the gold flakes, another unique thing about the Royal Halo Halo is the torched marshmallow on top. I’ve never had marshmallows in halo-halo before and trust me, it works!

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Royal Halo Halo

I like staying true to the essence of the halo-halo by actually mixing the ingredients before eating it. The thing about the Bebang Royal Halo Halo is due to its height, it’s a bit difficult to mix the ingredients since no spoon can reach the bottom of the container. However, I realized that this is a good thing because I had a different experience as I go deeper into the various layers of flavors. It’s like having several desserts in one!

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How to Order Bebang Halo Halo

The easiest way to order Bebang Halo Halo is through the AI chatbot on Messenger, which you can access through Simply follow the instructions in the app, and you’ll have your order processed in just a few taps. Note though that they only deliver in Metro Manila and surrounding areas every day, from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Bebang Halo Halo Branch

If you’re around Mandaluyong, you can also visit their branch to order. They are located at Shaw Boulevard, in front of PCSO. There are days though that they get sold out early, so it’s best to check first before visiting.

Bebang Halo Halo Menu

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