Yakimix Metro Deal: My first visit to Yakimix Prime

In spite of Yakimix Prime being just a short walk away from where I work, I’ve never had the urge to give it a shot. I’ve tried the Yakimix branch at Trinoma some years ago, and I haven’t really had the craving to go back to any Yakimix branch ever since, unlike my occasional yearning for Sambokojin or Yoree.
I finally had my chance when a workmate announced that Metro Deal has a promo for Yakimix where you’ll get a 25% discount from their usual rate. The deal sounds good enough and this was finally going to be my chance to experience Yakimix Prime, so I gave it a shot.
I went to the BGC branch of Yakimix Prime and upon entering, the interiors will give you an impression that you’re in for a treat. It’s a bit more sophisticated than the usual Yakiniku buffets, and inspite of going there on a lunchtime, the place wasn’t crowded, which I liked .
It had the usual elements of a Japanese buffet – the sushi, rolls, soup, barbecue, seafood, and desserts are all here, but that’s already expected. I was trying to figure out what’s different about Yakimix Prime, and what makes it more special than the regular Yakimix branches.

As my usual habit in Japanese buffets, I started off with the rolls and sushi. This should keep my taste buds entertained while I wait for the barbecue to cook. They have a decent set of sushi and rolls, althought I gobbled up only a few to prepare me for my favorite part – the barbecue.

To be fair, Yakimix Prime had a wide variety of meat and seafood to choose from. I don’t usually pay much attention to each kind, but I often gravitate towards the ones that are marinated since they are more flavorful. For those meats that weren’t, I was happy to know that there some sauces and spices available that you can use to flavor your barbecue to taste.

The desserts are also pretty much what you would expect from a buffet. The cakes, pudding, ice cream, and yep – the chocolate fountain are all here.
I was already at the end of my meal yet I still can’t figure out what makes this Yakimix “Prime”.
I’m guessing it’s the classier ambiance and the bigger area. There were also a few additions in the selection of food that I don’t see in other buffets, but not so much that would make me choose Yakimix Prime over the others.

Yakimix Prime – BGC

Monday – Saturday
Lunch – Php 588.00
Dinner  -Php 788.00
Sundays and Holidays
Lunch – Php 788.00
Dinner  -Php 788.00
Yakimix Prime BGC Contact Number: 869-0888, 869-0777
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