When Second is First: A “2nd’s” Review

Update: 2nd’s is temporarily closed but will be back soon.

Tucked discreetly inside Building 1 at Bonifacio High Street is a small yet classy restaurant serving sophisticated dishes for the more refined palate. From the name itself, you can already tell that 2nd’s is located at the second floor of the building, with a lone signage as the only indicator of the place. From this, you can feel that the restaurant exudes an aura of exclusivity, yet it is one that also tells that you are up for a really good meal ahead of you.

Of course, I couldn’t resist getting a taste of their specialty dishes. Let us begin with the starters:

Smoked Caprese Tower – Php 430.00

Salad has never been more intricate than this. The Smoked Caprese Tower is a turret of tomatoes, Pesto, Balsamic Glaze, Mesclun Greens, and the star of this starter, Smoked Laguna White Cheese. The dish is predominantly bitter because of the balsamic glaze and generous serving of kesong puti. Cheese-lovers will definitely love this.

Bacon Chicharon – Php 340.00

Can you imagine something more sinful yet heavenly tasty? Yes, it’s bacon and chicharon in one! It’s hard to isolate the taste of each ingredient, but what we had instead is a totally new flavor. However, the magic of the dish does not come from the bacon-chicharon itself, but from its dips – the sweet Muscovado Mustard Dip and the Spiced Vinegar. The salad that comes with the order neutralizes the saltiness so you can have some more.

Now, on to the highlight of the meal – the Mains!

Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin – Php 995.00

One of our local favorites, made the 2nd’s way – which basically means they’re using lamb instead of beef, pork, or goat. Unlike the usual caldereta that we know, this dish has a thicker sauce (which I loved, by the way), probably because of the melted Emmenthal. The sauce clings to the meat which has just the right tenderness you would want for caldereta. As a traditional Filipino dish, of course, this specialty has to come with steamed rice.

Crispy Duck Confit – Php 895.00

Now this is easily my favorite for the night (not considering the dessert, of course)! The Crispy duck Confit is a masterpiece made of Emmenthal Mash, Sweet Duck Jus, and Sautéed Red & White Cabbage. They definitely weren’t kidding when they said that it’s crispy – especially the duck skin. It may be a bit too salty for the more sensitive taste buds (although personally, I didn’t mind) but not to worry, the Pineapple Chutney that comes with the order is sweet enough to refresh your palate for another serving of the crispy duck meat.
Finally, my favorite part of every meal – the dessert!

Frozen Hazelnut Cheesecake – Php 295.00

The fact that this sweetie has Nutella and Ferrero Rocher as part of its main ingredients should already convince you that this is gonna be oh so good! It is basically mousse made up of Nutella and Cream Cheese, made sweeter with a hazelnut graham crust, and as a final temptation to ruin your diet, it is topped with a lone piece Ferrero Rocher. As if the whole thing isn’t tempting enough, it’s served with Frangelico caramel lazily surrounding the cheesecake itself.

Now that was a lovely meal! But if you’re also in the mood for some drinks to wash down all that tasty guilt, 2nd’s also serves alcohol like whisky, rhum, bourbon, and even some of our local beers. For the ladies, they also have signature cocktails, which by the way the bartender would be more than happy to customize for you if ever you have your own cocktail preference.
Now this will be the first in mind the next time I plan a get-together with my friends – just so we’re fancier than usual 😉
PS. 2nd’s is a Taggo restaurant member too! 
2nd Floor, Building 1,
9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

(02) 846-5293

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