The Revolutionary Coffee of Wheelys Café Philippines

I’m sure a lot of people would be able to relate with me when I say that coffee is my fuel. It’s basically what I drink first thing in the morning to get me hyped up and running to survive the day. When I start getting slow and sluggish at work, just a single cuppa joe works wonders in waking me up and getting me back in momentum.
Now I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I do have my own preferences when having my caffeine. Whenever it’s available, I’d always prefer brewed coffee over instant (who doesn’t, yeah?), and the simpler the mix, the better. To be honest, Starbucks is a bit too complicated for me, and they’ve started putting too much stuff into their coffee that I actually consider some of them as dessert!
Enter the revolutionary concept of Wheely’s Café –  a worldwide chain of “bicycle cafes”, which aims to revolutionize how and where we take our coffee by serving organic coffee in bike-powered coffee carts. Yep, you heard that right – “bike powered”, and it’s one of the original ideas of this venture that makes it equipped enough to take on even the big names like Starbucks.

There are several reasons why I’d rather have my coffee from Wheelys rather than open a pack of 3-in-1:

They Serve Organic

One of the visions of Wheelys is to start a “green revolution”, which is why they only serve organic, vegan coffee (and biscotti too!) to their customers.

They Think Ecological

That’s the reason behind the bike-powered carts. Although Wheelys admits that they’re not perfect, at least we know that they’re doing more than just using paper bags for take-outs.

They Make It Easier For More People to Have Their Own Business

Setting up your own Wheelys cart costs waaaaaay lesser than franchising one of those bigger coffee shop brands, so this is perfect for those who are passionate about coffee but has a limited budget.

Most Importantly, They Serve Gooood Coffee

I know because I’ve actually tasted what they serve! You see, Wheelys’ advocacy comes with quality, which I believe is the reason why it’s a growing global brand. My personal favorite is the Thai Coffee – great with biscotti!
The good news is that Wheelys is already available here in the Philippines. A few weeks back, I discovered them at Best Food Forward, and I have a strong feeling that they are soon going to be one of the success stories of the said annual event.

This is also where I discovered that Wheelys’ coffee has two profiles – “WORK” and “PLAY
For “Work“, they use Wheelys’ Indonesian Idolatry beans (from Sumatra, Indonesia). It has low acidity, syrupy body, chocolate, black cherry & earthy flavors. 100% organic, no poison, and no pesticide.
For “Play“, they use TrueStart Performance Coffee (Antioquia, Colombia). It has optimal natural caffeine with slow release energy + no crash. With high acidity, balanced body & pronounced aroma. It’s freeze dried with no synthetics.
Upon selecting the profile, customers can then choose the style of how it’s served:

  • Thai
  • Latte
  • Flat White
  • Americano

I’d personally recommend the Thai Coffee and the Flat White 😉
If you’re interested to know more about Wheelys Café here in the Philippines, you’ll find more details from their Facebook Page.


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