The Heat is On: An EDSA Shangri-La Heat Review

Finally! I’ve had the chance to have my lunch at Heat.  I’ve been passing by Heat almost every day for the past months and I’ve heard from a few friends how delicious the food here is. And I was so happy (and hungry) to have tried this myself!

When you’re at EDSA Shangri-la hotel and you’re in the mood for some good buffet, Heat is the best place to visit. When I went there with my workmates, we availed of the promo where lunch is only Php 715.00 from Mondays to Wednesdays and  Php 858.00 from Thursdays to Saturdays for every group of five. This is a LOT of savings when compared to Heat’s regular price at over Php 2,000.00, I think. Sadly though, this promo ended last November 30.
There were so many people when we went there for lunch. Good thing we had a reservation and we didn’t have to wait before an unreserved table becomes available. If you’re planning to go there, I suggest you call their hotline for reservations first; otherwise you’ll end up waiting for so long. And take note, they’re not open the whole day.
Everything was delicious! There was Japanese food, Filipino specialties, and lots of either delicious dishes from different cultures. My personal favorites were the Spare ribs and Peking Duck. These are must-tries! You should ask for them when you visit Heat.
For me though, the best dishes there were the desserts. I’m not just being biased here because everyone loves desserts, especially me who’s extra appreciative of sugary treats. The desserts really are  very tasty here, I can confidently say among the different buffets where I’ve been, the desserts here are the best.  Try everything and you won’t get disappointed. I especially loved the penna cottas, the crepes, and the ice cream.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the delicious food around you though. The trick when you’re in buffets is to get a little of everything…or at least most of everything. Get a few servings every “round” and don’t get too worried that they’ll run out. Getting too much on your first plate will only make you full right away and keep you from trying the other delicious dishes available.
In spite of the overwhelming number of people having lunch with us that time, the place did not feel crowded. The area is spacious so you can still get around and explore in spite of the large number of people. The food is also laid out strategically so you can visit different areas without getting confused. There’s a noodle station in one area, soup in another, and drinks in another one (drinks though were not included in the promo we availed. You have to buy them if you want some, or just have water which is also not really bad). They even have an area where they serve pizza! You can also see the chefs and cooks prepare the food.
Heat is located inside EDSA Shangri-la hotel in Mandaluyong City. For reservations, you can call +632.633.8888 or email [email protected]