The Geoffreview “Buffets Below 500” Series!


We had this brilliant idea a few days ago to start a #BuffetsBelow500 Series, where my foodie buddies and I will visit one buffet restaurant every week for ten weeks, and share with you our experiences here at Geoffreview.
The catch is, as the name suggests, our spend for the buffet must be below Php 500.00 for each person. We initially thought of having it as Below1K, but we realized that Below500 would be more challenging. We won’t be very choosy, we can go from the mainstream buffets to the lesser-known discoveries, as long as we stick to our only condition that we can only spend 499 Pesos at the most.
I’m pretty excited! We’ve already started this last week, and we already have a lot of ideas of where else we can go! We’re thinking of dessert buffets, hotels, Korean and Japanese grilling…just thinking about it is making me hungry!
Can you guess which Korean Grill buffet this is?
To be updated with our gastronomic adventure, simply click on the BuffetsBelow500 tag at the top if this blog post, and you’ll see which buffet restos we’ve already visited.
Do you have any suggestions that you’d like us to try? J

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  1. Try the buffet resto along QC Ave, between McDo and Wowowillie Theater (Delta Theater), across the street from BIR. It's Just P155++

    other ideas:
    Kowloon buffet – P299
    China's Best Buffet – Banaue near cor Amoranto – 499

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