Tempting Treat: NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Flavors of the World Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

So a neat package was delivered for me earlier this week.

This nice packaging has an even more tempting treat inside – ice cream!  If you’ve checked out my other blog posts you probably know by now that one of my weaknesses is desserts (blame it on the genes), and the strongest among my personal, sugar-loaded kryptonites would be ice cream. This one is extra-potent, having a flavour that’s too hard to resist –Speculoos! It’s like two of my favourite desserts are fused into one!

I’ve already published an earlier post about Nestle Temptations’ premium line of world-class varieties. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to this family of flavours:  Dutch Speculoos!
NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos is the latest creation in the line of delectable ice cream concoctions by NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS. Right after I opened the package, I treat myself to speculoos-flavored ice cream blended with ribbons of cookie butter ripple and cookie chunks. Aside from the speculooks cookie-butter flavour, it also reminded me of gingerbread and caramel – probably from the cookie chunks and ripples. It also had a unique sweetness and playful twist of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices. I loved every bit of it (don’t worry, I shared).

I can imagine NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos to go well with pastries, waffles, and even fruits.
In spite of the tough diet that I am subjecting myself to (unsuccessfully) the past days, I still tell myself that we deserve bits of daily luxuries every now and then. So say yes to NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS Dutch Speculoos. It’s worth the cheat day. It’s worth the extra scoop. Go ahead, give in *evils*.

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