Tempting Tenderness: A Tender Bob’s Review

My favorite foods are usually those which are mostly meat or sugar. I know, healthy living can be tough but at least I’m getting my protein and carbs right?…Right?
But forget about your diet when you visit Tender Bob’s. Being the carnivore that I am, Tender Bob’s was a slice of heaven as it fulfiiled the first half of my meat and sugar diet. I have visited Tender Bob’s before and I went back again to It’s EDSA Shangri La Mall branch after watching a movie with my office friends.
I liked their EDSA Shangri La branch, although honestly I haven’t been to the other branches yet. American decorations and picture frames are on the walls just like your usual steak houses and US themed etablishments. But a plus would be there are two TV screens in here where you can watch a movie while eating or waiting for your food. This feature is great! At least you’ll have something to talk about if you’re in an awkward date. We went there when Holloween was close so don’t mind the cobwebs and the “broken glass” in the pictures.

Cool yeah? The “cracks” are actually just glue.
Okay let’s get down to the highlight: the food. We ordered the usual favorites in most steak houses – the Baby Back Ribs and the Ribeye Steak. And when we had them I got reminded why they are favorites. These taste good!  Especially the Baby Back Ribs. The meat is so soft you will hardly need a knife when you eat it. It has the right kind of sweetness and flavor you look for when having your ribs. You also get to choose which sidings you want. Here are the sidings you can shoose from for the Back Ribs:
Steamed Rice
Garlice Rice
Java Rice
Angus Rice
Mashed potato
Garlice Bread
Oven-roasted potatoes

The Angus Rice sounds interesting but admit it, who wouldnt want to know what kind of sidedish BOMB is? We ordered it as our Back Ribs sidedish and apparently it is “Thinly Sliced Potatoes baked in Garlice Sauce”, as said by our waitress. Nope, just because it’s called “BOMB” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s spicy. But it’s good alright, we gobbled it all up. I guess we can say it’s the Bomb!
Although I liked the Back Ribs better, the Ribeye steak was also good. A bit chewy but definitely juicy and tasty. I don’t think you’re going to enjoy it with rice though so go for the Bomb!
Define Juicy

If you would like to get a taste of the best steaks that they offer, try the Meat Platter. It’s a sampler dish of pork chops, baby back ribs, chicken steak, and their domestic rib eye for Php 1100.00.
And yep, you should get some good drinks to go with that mean. Oh no, we didnt have some wine, but bottomless iced tea and lemonade did the job.
The Baby Back Ribs was Php 380.00 for “Hungry” (the smaller size) and Php 520.00 for “Starving” (yeah, the bigger one). The Ribeye Steak was Php 310.00 for “Hungry” (5oz.), Php 525.00 for “Starving (10 oz.), and Php 745.00 for “Steak for 2” (16 oz.). We ordered “Hungry” for both dishes and it was already more than enough for me and my two friends. Both the Bottomless Iced Tea and Lemonade are Php 85.00 each. Not bad.
I havent tried the desserts but I would love to have the Pleasure Mountain on my next visit. The name alone is tempting enough. It’s “Six scoops of fun strawberry, vanilla & chocolate topped with syrup, gummy worms, chopped nuts, ground cookied, cream & cherries”, as said in Tender Bob’s website. Now who wouldn’t want that? It’s like several desserts in one!
Tender Bob’s has branches at Greenhills Promenade, The Block at SM North EDSA, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza, and at Greenbelt 2 Ayala Center. Here are the Contact details of each branch:
Greenhills Promenade – (632).726.2328
The Block at SM North EDSA – (632).501.3717
EDSA Shangri-la Plaza – (632).442.0129
Greenbelt 2 Ayala Center – (632).638.7161
For deliveries, you can call 2121212. You can also visit their websiteat http://www.tenderbobs.com



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