Scrumptious Steaks at the Del Monte Golf Clubhouse, Bukidnon: A Review


Ilang beses ko nang narinig itong particular restaurant in Bukidnon, which serves steaks na sooobrang sarap daw because they come from Pineapple-fed cattle at the Del Monte Ranch. Despite growing up in Malaybalay City in Bukidnon, I haven’t really had the chance to visit this restaurant. Yung famed Dahilayan Adventure Park nga, which was supposedly one of the tourist spots of our province, di ko pa rin napupuntahan.
Last December though, I didn’t let the chance pass. I first went to the said restaurant with one of my high school friends together with his family, and this is where I learned that the said resto is actually the Clubhouse of the Del Monte Golf Club.
Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this is inside a golf club. Actually, napaka simple ng set-up and interiors – parang usual cafeteria lang yung itsura.
Needless to say, I ordered for the bestsellers in their menu – the steaks! Eto yung mga kinain namin on my first visit (meron pa kasing

Roast Beef

Eto yung steaks na made from choice cuts of beef from pineapple-fed cattle na nanggaling sa Del Monte ranch. It’s true, masarap nga! Malasa, tama lang yung alat, and I’m not kidding when I say na sobrang tender nung meat, and melt-in-your-mouth yung fat.
You can order their roast beef as “Natural” or “Chops” (Php 375.00 ang “COMPLETE” order, and Php 275.00 ang “SHORT” order). Yung Natural is served with the gravy on the side, while yung Chops naman are chopped up meat (malamang..haha), a naka mix na yung gravy when served. I would recommend the Natural since malasa na yung steak even without the gravy. You can have your order with rice or mashed potatoes.

Roasted Pork

Just like the beef, oven-roasted din yung pork steaks ng Del Monte Golf Club Clubhouse. Pwede mo rin i-order as either “Natural” or “Chops (Php 300.00 ang “COMPLETE” order, and Php 200.00 ang “SHORT” order). I was only able to taste the Chops Roast Pork, and yung lasa niya is essentially parang lechon baboy. Masarap din pero if I had to choose, I’d go with the Roast Beef.
Take note, the servings are HUGE! As in pwedeng pang-dalawang tao. With this, I say mas masusulit mo ang food nila if you come na sobrang gutom ka.
If meron kang additional budget, you can also go for their Wagyu Steaks na pwedeng Sirloin, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Rib Eye, and Tenderloin. Mas mahal nga lang – prices range from Php 690.00 to Php 1,900.00.

On my second visit, family ko naman ang kasama ko. Since we already had lunch by then, pumunta kami to have snacks, and these were our orders:

Cheeseburger – Php 165.00

Del Monte Clubhouse puts the cheese in “Cheeseburger”! Seriously, this isn’t just a thin slice of cheese we’re talking about!
The patty is of course, also made from their signature beef. Masarap, but could use some more lettuce, tomatoes, and maybe some onions, if you ask me.

Hamburger Steak – Php 350.00 for Complete Order, and Php 225.00 for Short Order 

Just like the Roast Beef, the Complete Order comes with soup, salad, rice or bread, and drinks, while the Short Order comes with Rice or bread and veggie sidings only.
The hamburger steak is basically yung beef patties ng burgers nila served with bread or rice (parang Jollibee lang, diba?). If you ask me, you’re better off ordering the bestselling steaks VS this one, especially na konti lang difference sa price.

Clubhouse – Php 305.00

This is one of those orders na yung serving is pang dalawang tao na. An egg, cheese, ham, and beef are sandwiched between several layers of bread. This is one heavy meal – sobrang nakakabusog as in!
The bottom of the layer was supposed to be roast beef, but since naubusan ang Clubhouse when we visited, they replaced it with the usual beef patty instead. Sulit siya, given that one order is already good enough for two people.
The Del Monte Clubhouse would definitely be one of the restaurants I would be bringing my friends to if ever they visit Bukidnon. Great-tasting food and a nice view makes this place a good recommendation, although it would also be great if management adds a little bit more stylish touch to the interiors. If medyo shala kayo, pwede pa kayong mag laro ng golf to burn off all those fat and oil from the steaks. O diba.



Del Monte Gold Club Clubhouse

Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon
(088) 855 5976

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