Lunch break! We were getting tired of the usual food that we were having so we decided to explore a little bit farther from our office to get some lunch. And “farther” meant getting a cab, going to Kapitolyo, Pasig, and getting some good…let me say that again – GOOOOD food at Rub.

It was a nice place. There are a lot of pictures on the walls, some of them of famous celebrities. Think of Army Navy / Bugsy’s. That’s how the place felt like.

We ordered their bestseller, and reason why we chose to have lunch there in the first place – Raki’s BBQ Ribs. Ugh, just saying it makes me want to have it for lunch again tomorrow. It’s juicy, tender (the meat gets off the bones easily!), tasty ribs coupled with your favorite side dishes. We got the Family Brunch size (Php 685.00), which was already good for four people. Other sizes are the Super Duo that’s good for 2, and Singles, which is of course just for one person.

Family Brunch comes with our choice of 3 sides.  We would have chosen Garlic Spinach & Mushroom coz’ we heard it was good, but it wasn’t available that day. But I didn’t feel bad because the ones we got – Potato Fries, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Buttered Vegetables tastes really great as well!


And oh, the onion rings were also great (Php 160.00). We had them as an appetizer while waiting for the Ribs. We also got a pitcher of Iced Tea (Php 110.00), which was definitely not enough given that we were having humongous slices of ribs.

For dessert, we had Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 150.00). It was good, but not Flaming-Wings-Fried-Oreos good.

So would I be going back to Rub? Definitely! You have to look carefully though because it’s not as easy to find. You have to drive deep into Kapitolyo to get to it…or at least that’s how we felt getting there was like. Having only a tarpaulin to mark the place didn’t help very much either. Here’s the address and numbers for ya (and apparently they have a QC branch too!):
Pasig: 88 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City / 624-6850
QC: 64 Scout Rallos, Quezon City / 622-6352
Anyone who has been to the QC branch?



  1. Nakakatawa naman yung names sa plate. Di ko muna isasabay sa foodtrip ko ang rub kasi me apat na kaming nakalist down but the ribs looks sinfully good! Kung ako lang e di ako mag seshare tlaga!

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