Pink’s Hot Dogs Now Open in BGC

One of my officemates excitedly invited me to have lunch at Pinky’s last week. I was supposed to be on my nth attempt at dieting and yet, here is another temptation calling out to me. I made a quick search online about Pink’s and apparently, it’s one of the most anticipated restaurants to open in Manila this year. Oh well, my diet can wait.
The lunch proposal didn’t happen because it turns out that Pink’s opens at 5pm. Looks like its going to be an early dinner (or late snack?) instead.
Pink’s Hot Dogs is located at the ground floor of the newly opened Shangri La Hotel at BGC, Taguig. A directional signage will point you to the right way when you’re in the area, so the resto’s not hard to find. The pictures online initially gave us the impression that Pink’s is an outdoor establishment, but it turns out to be an indoor resto designed charmingly to look like a take-out joint. A string of light bulbs hang overhead, with Chuck Taylor shoes dangling on them for an added hipster touch. Neon lights and bright signages also light up the interiors. My friends and I toyed with the idea of making  a Pinoy-estero version, with clothes hanging on power lines and having yero instead of brick walls. That should be fun.

The menu posted on the wall can be a bit overwhelming and without pictures as reference, you’ll have to read through the ingredients carefully in choosing your order. Instinct told me to ask their specialty and bestsellers. To be fair, the crew was consistent in recommending The Hollywood Legend (Php 280.00) and East LA Street Dog (Php 250.00).
The Hollywood Legend
The Hollywood Legend is Pink’s version of a chilli con carne, with ground meat topped with cheese blanketing the juicy hotdog. Thankfully, it’s not overwhelmingly spicy but it should delight meat-lovers like me. The East LA Street Dog was also a winner. How would you go wrong with hotdog,  bacon,  onions, and peppers in one bun?
East LA Street Dog
My personal favorite though weren’t among the crew’s recommendations. I enjoyed The Breakfast Dog (Php 250.00) the most,  primarily because an added soft, fried egg. As if it wasn’t good enough, bacon and crisp potatoes were also thrown in on the mix.
The Breakfast Dog
One of my office-buddies gave the Cheese Burger (Php 280.00)a shot, which I also eagerly asked to have a bite of. The buns are reminiscent of the ones we had at Sweet Ecstasy, and the patties are pretty good too. I’d prolly have this one on my next visit.
The Home Made French Fries also weren’t bad. One order was supposed to be Php 140.00, but apparently my order allows me to have some sort of combo where I add only Php 70.00 to have one.
I would recommend that you pair your hotdog or burger with a glass of Milkshake or Root Beer Float (Php 270.00). The price is a bit steep for my taste but it does well in keeping you from getting satiated with all that yummy grease.
If there’s one thing that’s going to keep me from coming back to Pink’s its most likely going to be the price of the hotdogs. They tasted great but I think I can find more enjoyment with the more or less Php 400.00 that I spent in Pink’s elsewhere.

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