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Oppa Chicken BGC Review: Like Glorified Bonchon



Oppa Chicken BGC Review: Last night, my office buddies and I were in a mood to ruin our diet (again), so we planned to have dinner at K-Pub BGC. K-Pub has become one of our Korean buffet favorites, primarily because it’s relatively more affordable compared to other Korean buffets. The taste is pretty decent too, and the friendly staff is a huge plus.

Sadly, K-Pub has been booked for an event the night we visited, so we had to come up with a Plan B, and with our growling tummies, a decision had to be made fast. Now right beside K-Pub is OPPA Chicken, which we’ve heard is also pretty good. We’ve been walking past OPPA Chicken every time we plan on visiting K-Pub, so I guess it’s about time that we try it for ourselves.

An enthusiastic lady greeted us as we entered, and we were led to the second floor, where more tables and chairs are available for larger groups. Nothing fancy about the place, but it was spacious, comfortable, and somehow reminded me of a sports bar rather than a Korean restaurant. By the bar, there are some toys and games like Uno, Jenga, and one of those Crocodile Dentist Bite Finger whatchamacallit toys that you can borrow to pass the time while waiting for your order.

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OPPA Chicken at BGC’s menu is made up mostly of Korean fried, baked, and even roasted chicken, as well as barbecue ribs. We asked for their bestsellers, and these are the ones that we got:

Ganjang – Oriental Soy Garlic

oppa chicken bgc review

Double-fried chicken covered with sticky soy sauce and garlic notes. Imagine Bonchon’s soy garlic chicken, only this one has bigger pieces. Don’t worry, the flavor’s not just in the breading, although I won’t go so far as to say that this is something I would crave for.

Yangnyum – Oriental Sweet and Spicy Chicken

oppa chicken menu bgc

Double Fried Chicken Coated in Spicy Sweet Tangy Sauce. The spiciness is just mild so don’t worry about the heat…too mild actually that I didn’t even notice. If you want to play it safe, this flavor would be a good option.

Original – Herbed Salt and Pepper

oppa chicken oranbo

Double-fried chicken with crackling skin, seasoned with salt and pepper. This is the flavor that I liked the best among the ones we ordered. The skin was crispy, and the meat juicy, although I would have preferred it to be saltier and more peppery. I had to rely on the gravy for more flavor. Still, this is better than the Yangnyum and Ganjang.

OPPA Chicken BGC Price (Chicken Favorites)

  • Quarter – Php 180.00
  • 8 Pcs. – Php 320.00
  • 16 Pcs. – 360.00
oppa chicken pasig menu
Yangnyum Rice Platter – Php 120.00

At the end of the meal, we were all pretty stuffed, but personally I didn’t have that elated feeling I usually have after a good meal. I can sum up the experience, as something like dining-in at a glorified version of Bonchon.

If ever I make another visit to OPPA Chicken, it might be because K-Pub has been reserved for an event again.


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