New York in a Bucket: A Sunrise Buckets Review


Aaahhh…Sunrise buckets. Where I can have my favorite chicken wings.
Lucky for me, one of their branches is close to where I work. My friends and I decided to have lunch there one wednesday because (1) It was payday just the other week,  (2) I’ve been nagging them to come back there, and (3) It’s a wednesday! More chicken on wednesdays!

If you’re planning to visit Sunrise Buckets for the first time, I suggest you try their Sunrise Original. It’s my personal favorite and it’s what made me love it there. They have a wide variety of flavors for their buffalo wings classified as  either Awesome, Wipeout, or Cloud 9. I’m assuming the taste gets better as you go from Awesome to Cloud 9 (and apparently the price gets higher too). Here are the flavors:
Awesome: Smokin’ BBQ, Crispy Wings, Juan’s Buffalo, Hot & Spicy BBQ. Price ranges from Php 125.00 to Php 1,235.00
Wipeout: Sunrise Original (yey!), Hickory, Real American Buffalo Mild, Buffalo Hot, Buffalo Extra Hot, Black Peppered, Glazed  Garlic. Price ranges from Php 135.00 to Php 1,295.00
Cloud 9: Jack Daniel’s, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, BBQ Berry Ultimate Crazy Hot, Honey Jalapeño, Buffalo Ranch, Bourbon. Price ranges from Php 175.00 to Php 1,775.00
Other than the Sunrise original, I personally liked Black Peppered and Glazed Parmesan.
Just like most  chicken wings restaurants, they serve buffalo wings here by the pound. Here’s  the average number of pieces per order so you can check out what size you may like to have:
½ pound: 4-5 pcs.
1 pound: 8-10 pcs.
2 ½ pound: 20-24 pcs.
5 pound: 40-48 pcs.
Usually a half pound would do for one person, but trust me, you can do better than that. If I’m in the mood I can finish a pound all by myself. Some Chili Cheese Fries would go well with it too!
Just  look at all that melted cheese…not for me though.
And yeah, I did mention “More chicken on wednesdays!”.  Well technically they don’t serve you more chicken for the same price, but you can get  2 ½ pounds at a lower price. They have a promo every Wednesdays and Thursdays.
On “Wednesday Wings” you can get 2 ½ pounds of buffalo wings for only Php 499.00. This is available only for Awesome and Wipeout Wings and good for dine-in customers only.
Every “Tempting Thursday”, you get either  a free bucket of beer, a pitcher of margarita, or a pitcher of iced tea when you buy 2 ½ pounds of wings. This is available for all flavors of wings and again, for dine-in customers only.
You should also try their root beer float. It’s IBC Root Beer so this should be good.

Sunrise Buckets has branches in The Grove – Rockwell at Pasig, and at Madison Square, North Greenhills.  We went to the Grove branch, and it was a really nice place. New York is just all around you. The fun and creativity of the atmosphere adds to the total New York dining experience.

A lot of people visit Sunrise by the way so if you want to make reservations, you can reach them through these numbers:
The Grove – Rockwell at Pasig
(02) 234-1382
Madison Square, North Greenhills:
(02) 477-7636

And yeah, I couldn’t resist to leave my mark 🙂



  1. I discovered this place 2 years ago at Madison Square. I only ordered for Spaghetti and didn't know (yet) that chicken is their specialty! It was way too late when a friend told me that I should try Sunrise Buckets' wings.Since that's the only branch I know at the time, I didn't have the chance to go back since I live in QC and works in Ortigas. And just a few months back, Sunrise Buckets announced that they're having another branch at The Grove in Ortigas! That was good news for me! Since then I've been visiting The Grove branch every now and then, however I just hope Sunrise Buckets would come up with a more organized menu. Everything here tastes good, and every flavor a must-try!

  2. Hello Chris! Honestly I haven't tried their spaghetti yet, I fell in love with their wings that it's what I've been ordering every time I visit. So how was it? 🙂

    By the way, if you get a little bit confused with their menu (coz' yeah it can be a little confusing especially if it's your first time to visit), you can ask for one of their flyers. The whole menu is also there, in a simpler layout, so it's easier to check out all the flavors 🙂

  3. Hi Geof, Thanks so much for the write up. We are happy that you love our wings. We now have 24 Mouthwatering sauces to choose from. =) We'd love to treat you for some FREE buffalo wings, just print your blog with this comment from us and claim your free 1/2 pound Smokin' BBQ. We have also update our menu, please do let us know if this helps. Would really appreciate any suggestions from our fans.

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