Music in the Menu: An Evening at Conway’s

Conway’s has been one of our favourite places to visit every time my bestfriend’s mom comes back from Hong Kong, or just when our circle feels like taking a break from the hustle and verve of the usual clubs that we go to on weekends. The laid-back and chic ambiance is perfect if you want to have some relaxed but good conversations with your closest friends over good food and drinks.
I was invited by Conway’s to experience once again their great food and music a few days ago. I brought along my foodie (and drinking) buddy with me who I know was extra appreciative of a good wine and champagne. And boy, we were both glad we accepted the invitation that night – we were offered as much food and drinks as we wanted. It took us a bit longer to order our food because everything on the menu sounded so good, so we first asked for the ones which were recommended by the gentleman taking our orders.
Smoked Salmon on Rye with Horse Radish Cream (Php 350.00)
Calamaris with Preserved Lemon (Php 560.00)
Spinach and Mushroom Quiche with Black Truffle (Php 350.00) Image credits to Mar
Beef Tartare with Quail Egg (Php 350.00)
Nachos with Bolognaise and Cheese, served with Guacamole and Sour Cream dips (Php 580.00)

What is good food without good drinks to go with it? Since we were offered whatever we wanted from the menu, we ordered to our heart’s delight. After several bottles of champagne, wine, and glasses of cocktails, the evening was gaining momentum and the conversations started to become more fun!

Champagne Taittinger (Php 2,000.00)

Cocktails after the Champagne. Mango Martini and Singapore Sling
Everything that we ordered tasted as great as they looked! My favorites that night were the Smoked Salmon on Rye (the taste wasn’t very strong and it goes so well with the cocktails and champagne), and the Calamaris with Preserved Lemon (the hint of lemon added a surprising twist to the taste!). Other than these, we also had a good helping of Gambas (Php 582.00) and Breaded Chicken Lollipops (Php 350.00). Thinking of them right now makes me hungry again!
That night, we enjoyed not only succulent food and drinks, but great music as well. The Executive Band delivered an outstanding performance that evening, serenading us with soulful jazz as we had our dinner.

The Executive Band
The relaxed mood of the place gave way to a night of fun and laughter! Everybody enjoyed the whole evening. Great company, fun conversations, delicious food, and good music – the recipe for a memorable night.

An awesome night with Pong (GooglyGooeys), Yen Dreyfus (TheTummyTraveler), Chuckie Dreyfus (AllChuckedUp), Rica Peralejo-Boni (Wanders&Wonders) with her friends, myself with buddy Emil, Jackie Go (GoJackieGo) with her husband, and Mar Matic (NotYourOrdinaryBueatyQueen) with her BF. Image Credits to Pong of GooglyGooeys.

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