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Matcha VS Green Tea Difference: Weight Loss, Benefits


MATCHA VS GREEN TEA DIFFERENCE: WEIGHT LOSS, TASTE, BENEFITS: Lately, I’ve been regularly drinking Kirkland Green Tea. I bought a whole box at a bargain from S&R, which I’m happy about since it’s not as easy to find Kirkland Green Tea Philippines. The box says that Kirkland is “Green Tea, A Blend of Sencha & Matcha”, which left me wondering, what’s the difference between matcha vs green tea?

matcha vs green tea caffeine

I’ve already known the benefits of green tea, like how it may contribute to weight loss, and how it may reduce belly fat. But how exactly is it different from matcha? Is matcha powder the same as green tea powder? If you find yourself googling “matcha vs green tea difference”, “matcha vs green tea for weight loss”, “matcha vs green tea caffeine” or “how much matcha per day for weight loss”, know that you’re not alone.

is matcha powder the same as green tea powder

I made some research and found out some key differences about these two super drinks. Here are what I know so far, without being too technical:

MATCHA VS GREEN TEA DIFFERENCE: Preparation and Composition

Matcha is made from stone-ground tea leaves (normally from the Camellia sinensis plant). The stems and veins are removed, before grinding the leaves into a fine, bright green powder. A regular green tea drink on the other hand, is prepared by soaking crushed tea leaves into water

In other words, when you drink matcha tea, you’re drinking the dissolved leaves ground into fine powder. When you drink regular green tea, you’re having the water infusion from the crushed leaves.


Matcha tea powder usually appears as bright, neon green, compared to the brownish, duller color of regular green tea leaves. This is because matcha has higher levels of chlorophyll.

In terms of taste, personal preferences may be varied, but I often find matcha sweeter, depending on its grade. Regular green tea on the other hand, may taste slightly bitter, especially if it’s a lower grade variety.

MATCHA VS GREEN TEA DIFFERENCE: Weight Loss, Antioxidants, and other Benefits

Since you’re essentially drinking the tea leaves themselves when you’re having matcha, Matcha powder is considered healthier and has more benefits than the water infusion from regular green tea. One cup of matcha tea is equivalent to several cups of green tea infusion, and is said to have 10-15x more nutrients as well.

Matcha is also said to have more antioxidants than a lower grade variety of green tea. In terms of weight loss, matcha is also said to have more caffeine than regular green tea, which in turn may help increase your metabolism.

However, matcha or green tea is not some wonder drink that would magically help you lose weight. An overall lifestyle change, coupled with a healthy diet and exercise is still the best route to better weight management.

matcha vs green tea for weight loss

There are still a lot of key differences between match and green tea, like texture, processing, and how they can be prepared as drinks and food. I’ve even heard that there are now also matcha green tea weight loss recipes. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to enjoy finishing that whole box of Kirkland Green Tea Philippines.

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