#MakeMeFat: A ” Fat Restaurant BGC ” Review

Standing outside a restaurant that has the word “FAT” glaring at you from its façade may leave you contemplating whether you’d have the willpower to say no to another cheat day this week, or just let go and give in to the irresistible call of your love for good food. 

To me what, sealed the deal was knowing that the brains (and taste buds) behind this establishment are the same ones who put up Locavore. From then on I knew that every calorie was going to be worth it.  It takes pride in its menu that’s a combination of many of the comfort foods that we often crave for. Allow me to take you through some of the ones we’ve tried:

Green Tea Chicharon – Php 190.00

Given the restaurant’s name, it’s definitely fitting that we started our meal with deep-fried pork fat. The size of the serving may be intimidating at first, but the moment you start pinching small pieces and dipping it in Honey-vinegar and Green Tea Salt, it’s no longer easy to stop. I doubt that the green tea element was an effort to lessen the guilt of the house-made chicharon, although I would have preferred that the green tea flavor to be more distinct.

Bar Mix – Php 290.00

This is a happy combination of 12 spiced nuts, popcorn, powdered sugar, and salted caramel. I loved this snack because its sweetness is already enough for it be considered as dessert, and I can tell that everyone else in our table was enjoying it too!

Pork’s Ear En Croute – Php 370.00

This is a fancy way of calling sisig served on top of bread. The grilled pork ear bits were good enough to overcome the usual dryness of rye bread. It was flavorful – having just the right mix of salty and spicy (and even better with squeezed lime!). You can choose to up the flavor with three different kinds of dips – Saffron Aioli, Mango Mayonnaise, and Raspberry Jam. I personally liked the Raspberry Jam the most because it works well in refreshing my taste buds when I get too sated with the pork.

Flammenkueche – Php 390.00

This dish felt like a cross between a thin-crust pizza and a tart. What makes the Flammenkueche taste good is the combination of flavors from its ingredients – the sweet and sour kick of the balsamic sauce and pickles, the peppery taste of the arugula, and crispiness of the lard focaccia bread, all complemented the smoked salmon. Yum!

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillet  -Php 590.00

This one should level-up my usual chicken fillet cravings. Grilled chicken with pico de gallo sit on top of spanakopita. I enjoyed the mild spiciness of the chicken, which tastes even better when you dip it in the sour cream and pair it with cherry tomatoes. I just wished that the juices from the chicken didn’t make the spanakopita soggy.

Porchetta – Php 460.00 / 100grams

More than anything else it was the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the skin that sold me the Porchetta. The spinach and mushromm ragout also added more dimension to the taste, while the bacon jam (yes, bacon!) and whipped potatoes on the side worked well as a combo.

Chicken and Waffles – 385.00

This may sound like a breakfast dish but it’s actually dessert. Upon serving you may wonder where the chicken part comes in – it’s in the ice cream which was infused with chicken fat, although the gingery taste of the ice cream may have overpowered the chicken flavor. The waffles are also as crisp as a biscuit, so don’t expect them to be usually thick, fluffy waffles that we’re used to.

Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake – Php 360.00

Deep inside I have groundless hopes that the dark chocolate part of this dessert should be enough to compensate for all the guilt. This one is made up of Praline Mousse, Crème Chantilly, and Crème Anglaise, and has a soft, smooth texture. I like that it’s not too sweet, and I can also imagine this to be so much better when chilled.

Grilled White Chocolate Cheese Cake Sandwich – Php 360.00

If you ask me, its name gives me the impression that it’s a hybrid of different desserts! The bread is sweetened with Blueberry compote and Maple-Balsamic glaze, and topped with brown butter ice cream. Feels like a French toast ala monde!

Other than the food and the well-lighted interiors, we were also impressed with how well informed the gentlemen serving us are with the dishes. You can tell that they know each dish by heart and were eager to answer even the simplest of our questions.

When you visit FAT make sure that you’re taking a break from calorie counting. It’s a place where you enjoy comfort food with every sugar, meat, and yes, fat that comes along with it. The prices though are not for everybody, but the servings are good for sharing so it’s best if you visit with family or friends. After all, great-tasting food is best had with great company.

FAT Restaurant BGC
Forbes Town Center, 29th Street corner Rizal Drive, 
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines
09175791936 / 028348600

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