Lunch with Superheroes: A “Heroes by MaxiCollector” Review

I love comic book heroes and I love food. Should I start calling this place heaven?
I pass by Heroes by MaxiCollector almost every day and man every time I do, I just can’t help but stare! It’s as if all these badass action figures are calling me, inviting me to be a part of their world of awesome. How can I say no?
I guess the kid in me never grew up. I still love action figures that I even graced my work desk with some GI Joe and Lost.
MaxiCollector is a distributor of popular brands of collectibles like Hot Toys, Enterbay, Toynami, Efx Collectibles, among others. They’ve got action figures, life-size replicas, comic books, toys – lots of geeky stuff that will make the nerd inside of you stir.

Their branch at Bonifacio High Street was notable because aside from the collectible heaven that it is, it’s also a restaurant. I just had to try it here to know what it feels like to dine with the heroes…okay fine with the villains too.

It feels amazing having your meal with all these cool stuff around you! You can go around and check out the items available for sale while waiting for your order, or you can entertain yourself by watching the TV that always plays movies or cartoons about superheroes.

There’s some space on the second floor that’s reserved for small functions and events. The whole place isn’t that big, but it’s spacious enough because not a lot of people go inside to eat anyways. Most of the visitors are there to check out the collectibles.

We asked for their bestsellers and these are what we got:
Hero Chops (Php 275.00). The moment this baby came in it easily stole my attention from the Iron Man mask I was checking out! It was a huge slab of marinated pork chop that looked like steak and served with Heroes-style fried rice. It was mouth-watering to look at with just the right tenderness. I would appreciate it more though if it had some sort of sauce or gravy, Plus, the rice was too dry even, for fried rice standards.
Hero Chops

Dare-Devil Wings (Php 225.00). You guessed it, this one’s spicy. I’m a bit picky when it comes to spicy food as I tend to lose my enjoyment with my meal when I’m too busy fanning off the heat in my mouth. The Dare Devil Wings though, had just the right kick, and I particularly loved its relish – made up of annatto oil, dried chilli, and cashew nuts.

Dare Devil Wings

Dare-Devil Shrimp (Php 295.00). Looks like Ben Affleck loved spicy food! The Dare-Devil Shrimp is the crustacean version of the Dare-Devil Wings. I enjoyed this a bit more because they’re bite-sized and easier to gobble-up without getting messy.

Dare Devil Shrimp

I would have tried the Adobo Sandwich (Php 195.00) (because hey, have you ever heard of an Adobo Sandwich???), but sadly it wasn’t available so I settled for their Angus Aoili Burger (Php 275.00) instead. The meal comes with potato wedges, which to be honest I enjoyed more than the burger itself. The patty needed more flavour and seasoning.
Angus Aioili Burger
It goes well with some cherry-flavored Dr. Pepper too (Php 60.00)!
Sweet & Spicy Tapa (Php 245.00). Who would’ve thought they had tapa in here? The beef strips looked like bacon, which had it going for me so that’s okay. The taste though, wasn’t very memorable.
Sweet & Spicy Tapa

Okay apparently I didn’t enjoy the food as much as looking at the toys, which was kinda expected since this establishment’s specialty isn’t really serving people lunch. But considering the price of each meal, I raised my hopes up a little bit. Did I enjoy the experience? Well yes, but I can’t say the same for the food.

MaxiCollector Branches

Maxicollector Toys & Collectibles
Unit V-228, 2/F V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center,
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City, Philippines
Tel/Fax: (632) 726-8854

Heroes Hobby Lounge
B6-971, Building 6, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Tel: (632) 5117327

Maxiworks Power Plant Mall
3rd Floor, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City
Tel: (632) 898-1597

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  1. I remember the days when I go to my friend's house bringing my Matchbox cars and just let our imaginations run wild. Awesome post. I totally agree that the kids in us remain kids.

  2. I am not sure if this the place that I saw on TV. I was wishing to treat my BF here. but now he's an ex. hahaha. bitter?? Anyway, this concept is really an apple of the eye for boys.

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