Koomi Opens its Latest Branch at White Plains, Quezon City


One of my favorite food discoveries during the lockdown is Koomi. I first tried it a few months back (although it took some time for me to write a decent Koomi Review), and since then I have been regularly ordering Koomi from Grab Food whenever I feel like I deserve a treat.

Koomi’s specialties are probiotic yogurt drinks that come in fun, creative flavors such as Boppin’ Boba, Stick On-Me Purple Rice, and Dragon Funana. Every order of Koomi is made daily with fresh yogurt and ingredients. They also use fruit honey, which is a natural sweetener, so you can have that #GuiltlessGoodness in every cup.

Koomi White Plains Branch Opens its Doors

I’m happy that there are several Koomi branches near my area because I know that I have other options in case one of them is closed. 

If you’re staying near Katipunan, you’ll be glad to know that Koomi recently opened a branch in White Plains, Quezon City last September 21. Walk-in guests were treated to a “Buy 1 Get 1” promo, and the first 50 customers even got a free hoodie! 

Koomi Aussie Blend VS. Filipino Blend

The brand originated in Australia, which is why every time you order, you have the option to choose between an Australian or Filipino blend. From what I know, the Australian / Aussie blend retains the natural sourness of the yogurt, while the Filipino blend is creamier to adapt it to the Filipino palate.

I’ve always ordered the Australian blend because I enjoy the nice mix of sweet and sour in my drink. Plus the other ingredients such as the fruits, cookies, and fruit honey already adds to the sweetness anyway.

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Koomi Review: Try their Best Seller, then try more!

I normally just order the Koomi best sellers, so I took this chance to order flavors that I haven’t tried before. My go-to flavors in the Koomi PH Menu have always been ​​Stick On-Me Purple Rice, Will Ube Mine, and Why Not, Coconut. This time, I had their Mango Choco Moo Yogurt Cake, and the Langkashewlad (partly because of its witty name haha!).

Mango Choco Moo Yogurt Cake  – Php 145

This is the first time that I have heard of a Yogurt Cake, so it’s actually the first thing I ordered from the menu of Koomi’s White Plains branch. It’s made of yogurt, mangoes, chocolate, and almond dacquoise. In case you’re wondering, dacquoise is baked meringue which is normally incorporated into cakes.

The way I would describe it is if mango float and chocolate mousse had a baby, it would be the Mango Choco Moo haha. Surprisingly, the sweetness is not overwhelming and you can actually finish a whole cup in one sitting. I can tell that the mangoes are fresh. I recommended making sure that you get all layers of yogurt, mangoes, and chocolate in every bite to fully enjoy the flavor.

koomi white plains

Langkashewlad  – Php 180

From its name, you can already tell that its primary ingredients are Langka (jackfruit) and cashews, mixed with yogurt and cream cheese. It’s refreshingly good! Although I can’t seem to taste the langka that much, I’m guessing that the yogurt’s flavor has masked the taste. The cashew bits also add a nice texture for you to chew on in every sip.

koomi flavors menu

Stick On-Me Purple Rice – Php 138

Since I ordered when they had a buy 1 take 1 promo, I also got a free Stick On-Me Purple Rice with my order! This is what I get when I want to just fully enjoy the yogurt, with minimal added flavors from fruity ingredients. Also simply because I love rice haha!

koomi ph best seller flavors

Koomi Menu

See the Koomi PH Menu through the gallery below:

Koomi Delivery

You can have your cup of Koomi delivered right to your doorstep through Grab, Foodpanda, and Lalafood.


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