Ice Cream Indulgence: A “Carmen’s Best Artisanal Ice Cream” Review


Being a sweet tooth and extra-appreciative of dessert, I often say yes to anything that’s offered to me that has sugar in it. From the simple kakanin sold by vendors to the more sophisticated gourmet desserts, I often find pleasure in eating sweet delicacies. I always believe that the joy in having dessert does not end in the taste, but it also extends to the actual experience of eating it and the memories that come with it. This is why almost everybody loves ice cream – it reminds us of our childhood and the days when we don’t count every calorie that comes with what we eat.
Carmen’s Best invests in the experience of eating ice cream as much as in the taste and quality of the ice cream itself. Together with other food bloggers, I had the pleasure to meet Paco Magsaysay, the man behind Carmen’s Best Artisanal Ice Cream, when we were treated to generous servings of great-tasting ice cream last week at Echo Store, Serendra. It is easy to tell that Paco is passionate about his craft. He enjoys the “glow” that he sees in people’s reactions when they first get a taste of his creations, fuelling his passion for innovating and creating more delectable ice creams to share with his customers (in case you’re wondering, Carmen is Paco’s daughter).
Carmen’s Best is a multi-awarded brand. When I finally got a taste of the ice cream they’re offering, I immediately understood why. Every spoonful was rich, dense, and creamy – just like how premium ice cream should taste like. We were treated to a variety of flavours that night, starting off with the more familiar Pistachio flavour.
I have tried a lot of Pistachio-flavoured ice creamed but Carmen’s Best’s version is by far the most memorable. They use pistachio paste made from pistachios from Siciliy to guarantee a premium pistachio taste.
Each pint costs Php 395.00. Definitely worth it I’m tellin’ ya!
My favorites that night though were the Cereal Milk and Butter Pecan flavours.
“Cereal Milk” was inspired by the taste of frosted flakes cereals we used to enjoy as kids (and in my case, even as an adult).  Remember that pleasant childhood feeling you had when you’re enjoying those leftover sugars from your frosted flakes cereal box? This is what the Carmen’s Best Cereal Milk flavour is about. The candied almonds that go with it make sure that you truly relive that childhood moment.
Carmen’s Best Cereal Milk

Carmen’s Best Butter Pecan
With a range of flavours made from the finest ingredients that are sourced from all over the world (Vanilla beans from Madagascar, Horlicks malted milk powder from England), and using 100% cow’s milk and cream, fresh from their very own dairy farm,  it’s no wonder you can have pure indulgence in every spoonful. Here are the other Carmen’s Best flavours you can choose from (the Salted Caramel is also a must-try!):

Carmen’s Best ice cream flavors

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  1. Since I've always been craving for ice cream during times like this summer era… well, I think I just found another choice to try!

    Okay, now forgive me for drooling out loud. LOL!

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