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Hineleban Coffee Review: Where to Buy Hineleban Coffee



I’m sure more than a few people would be able to relate with me when I say that coffee is my fuel. Every day always start with a cuppa joe, and over the years, my appreciation for coffee has also evolved. I’ve started preferring brewed coffee over the instant, powdered ones, and I also tend to shy away from the complicated concoctions that some coffee shops offer. A warm, simple cup of brewed, black coffee works best to jumpstart my day.


Now how about a coffee brand that’s not only perfect for your daily caffeine fix, but is an advocate of environmental conservation and livelihood development as well?


Enter Hineleban CoffeeHineleban Foundation’s own brand of Arabica coffee made from the “finest hand-picked red ripe coffee cherries nourished by cool mists from ranges of Mt. Kitanglad”. The brand has become pretty close to my heart, given that I grew up in Bukidnon (where Mt. Kitanglad is). That and the fact that Hineleban Foundation is engaged in the preservation and restoration of rainforests and watersheds in Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur. Every bag that you buy not only brings us one step closer to the reforestation of Mindanao’s mountain ranges; it supports the livelihood of some of the Lumads and the Bangsamoro brothers as well.


hineleban-coffee-review where to buy hineleban coffee 

Hineleban Meaning

“In the Talaandig-Higaunen language, Hineleban is a sacred word (hieros logos; pamalihi ha lalang) that stands for the highest mystical Spirit-Tagulambung of Service-Leadership in the Talaandig-Higaunen Tribal tradition. It comes from the root-word “heleb” which means “the virtue to gather others towards oneself”. A servant-leader who is infused by the Spirit of Hineleban is the center of unity and peaceful convergence of communities and peoples.” {Source}

Hineleban Coffee Review

But then again, the advocacy is not the only reason I’m supporting Hineleban. I’m no coffee connoisseur but personally, I think the Hineleban Coffee is also pretty good when brewed well – having that fruity, and slightly sweeter undertone, which I love given that I often take my coffee black.


Where to Buy Hineleban Coffee

If you wish to purchase your own bag of Hineleban beans, you may order from the Hineleban Store. For every bag that you buy, Hineleban Foundation plants one tree. You can even monitor the tree’s growth, by inputting the code that comes with your bag, and checking it out in the website’s map. Or you may also visit Hineleban Café at Makati if you’re in the area.


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