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Fireside by Kettle BGC Review: The Buttermilk Chicken Fingers is a Must-try!


Fireside by Kettle BGC Review

My life recently has been a constant struggle between my love for good food, and the fact that I really need to go on a diet. I’m not overweight to the point that it puts my health at risk, but the fact that my clothes are starting to get tighter is alarming! But how can I manage my eating, when there are always new restaurants offering deliciously sinful dishes popping out all over the Metro? If there’s one thing I can’t decline, it’s the call of great-tasting food!

Such restaurant is Fireside by Kettle, which opened just a few weeks ago at the ground floor of Central Square Mall at Bonifacio Global City. It’s not hard to miss because it’s right beside the main entrance, and a quick peek at the glass window will give you an idea that they probably serve the kind of food that those on a diet may want to avoid.

All the more reason for me to go.

My workmates and I went to Fireside by Kettle and surprisingly, despite the small space, the place wasn’t crowded. We immediately got a table where an eager gentleman took our orders.  These are what we had:

Fireside House Burger – Php 449.00

fireside by kettle bgc review price

The Fireside House Burger is made up of 1/2 lb Black Angus beef goodness. The patty was juicy and well-done, but I was overwhelmed by the creaminess of the cheese, having both pepperjack and cheddar cheeses in the bun (which is a personal thing since I don’t seem to get along well with cheeses). The Russian dressing also gave it a slightly sweet and tangy taste, which complemented the hints of spicy from the pepperjack cheese. Wow, and those zucchini strips are on way for me to eat veggies.

Herb Crusted Salmon – Php 529.00

fireside by kettle bgc review menu

Normally, I would have ordered anything made of pork or beef, but I’ve been craving for salmon for several days so I didn’t think twice about asking for the Herb Crusted Salmon. And wow, it sure did not disappoint!  You can tell that Fireside by Kettle’s Herb Crusted Salmon was served fresh, with the salmon itself having that perfect pinkish hue I was looking for. The skin, slightly crisp and made more flavorful by the roasted tomatoes. The fact that it’s served with red rice makes this one of the healthier yet yummier option!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Fingers – Php 549.00

fireside by kettle bgc review chicken

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken is one of Kettle’s specialties, so it’s one of the obvious choices of what to have in Fireside. Imagine soft chicken meat, tenderized in buttermilk, coated with a nice, salty Cajun Ritz breading. Yep, it tastes as good as it sounds, I can imagine myself gobbling up these goodies while binge-watching on Netflix. You can dip it on Cajun honey cravy for more flavour, although the chicken fingers themselves are already tasty enough. If you get satiated from all the saltiness, one order comes with cornbread doughnuts to neutralize the flavour.


On first look, the prices may seem overwhelming, but it’s actually good value for money, given the fact that each dish can be shared by 2-3 people…yep, even the burger.

If there’s one thing that we were disappointed about, it’s the fact that we ordered Fireside Homemade Doughnuts (Php 239.00), but we weren’t told until we asked for dessert, that they ran out of stock. Bummer. But we let that go because the waiters taking our orders were accommodating and nice anyways.


Fireside by Kettle Address:

Ground Floor, Central Square, 5th Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Fireside by Kettle Contact Number:

(02) 532 1807



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