#DrumstickDares: Nestle Drumstick Goes All Out!


by Geoffrey Ledesma

Do you have any particular phobia? I for one, have acrophobia, which is the irrational fear of heights. I guess I should emphasize “irrational” a bit more because my fear sometimes doesn’t make sense, like when I freak out in transparent elevators or cringe at pictures taken from high places.
But the motto I’m trying to live by is “Always try out and discover new things”, and this phobia is keeping me from doing so. On several occasions, I have tried overcoming this fear, and one such occasion was when I was dared to try the “Tree Drop” at Treetop Adventure in Subic.
The thing about dares is that they’re so hard to refuse.
And so I said yes. It was after all, a group challenge for our team-building activity so I didn’t really have a choice anyways. I was strapped-up, hung on top of a tree, and left dangling 60 feet above the ground. The horror! My eyes were closed the whole time! The ropes were suddenly loosened and I let the shock of free-fall engulf me. It was quick! And it was terrifying!
But I did it. And I relished in the oh so reassuring feeling of walking on solid ground. I did it! I accepted the dare and I owned it!
It’s really worth it to be daring and go all out in trying new things. A few days ago I got a sweet treat from Nestle Drumstick for their #DrumstickDares campaign, featuring new flavours that dare to go all out! Check out their thrilling new flavours:

I tried these  daring flavours which are definitely not for those who are satisfied with the ordinary. I started off with the Drumstick Duo Flovours (Php 20.00). These are varieties of flavourful ice cream wrapped in crispy wafer cone which ends in a delightful chocolate nugget tip.  
If you’re a bit more adventurous, you can have the Premium Drumsticks (Php 40.00). Coming in Butter Pecan Praline, Choco Almond Vanilla, Pistachio Almond Caramel Flavours, these varieties start off with almond pieces on top, crispy chocolate flavoured cones, ripples of caramel, and of course, a chocolate nugget tip. My favourite among all these, is the Pistachio Almond Caramel.
Gobbling up all of these goodies was the least challenging part.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to get over my fear of heights. But I’ll definitely be taking more of those dares. Bring ‘em on! If you also got your game face on like I am, take your chances and join their text promo for a chance to win awesome prizes!

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