Customized Candies: A “Made in Candy” Review

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll notice that a huge chunk of my posts are desserts. Sugar, it would seem, is my Achilles heel and there’s no more effective way of ruining my diet than by offering me some sugar-loaded treat – I just can’t say no!

Other than cakes and ice cream, candies have become one of my go-to food when I wish to up my mood, particularly because they bring back so many childhood memories. It feels nice to reminisce of the days when I didn’t have to count the calories of everything I eat. If you’re also a candy-lover you’ve probably heard of Made in Candy – Asia’s first “candy-kitchen” that takes pride in their unique, hand-made candies that “carry pictures and messages that would delight any sweet-tooth”. They’re prolly thinking of me when they came up with that line.

I was able to make a quick visit to their candy kitchen at SM Megamall and boy I was in for a delightful treat! I got to become a candy-maker for a day, and made my own jar of candies, specially sculpted by me (with a lot of help from the Candy Men, of course)!

The process starts by boiling a mixture of sugar, water, and glucose for a good 10-20 minutes, until a certain level of temperature is reached. While waiting for the mixture to be ready, the Candy Man starts preparing a carefully measured concoction of flavors and colors, with the measurement depending the design and flavor you want.  In my case, the variety we’re preparing is the Radioactive Rock that has the “Citrus Mix” flavor, which is essentially a combination of grapefruit, lemon, and lime flavors. The end result is pretty much like the taste of cola.

After a strenuous process of mixing, rolling, and stretching (it can substitute as a really good workout!), it’s time to mold the candy’s design. I’ve always thought Made in Candy prints their design on the candies, although looking back that idea would have been so tiresome! What they actually do is mold the design and shape them into large, elongated slabs. The Radioactive Rock was one of the easiest to make, but can you just imagine the effort when they’re making complicated designs? They make animals and names too!
The slabs are then stretched until they’re thinner, and chopped into small bite-sized pieces. It may look easy but it’s actually a careful procedure, as you have to make sure that each piece doesn’t have very sharp edges that can wound the mouth.

I was happy and so proud of my work! A lot of people can bake cakes and cookies, but it’s not every day that you can say that you’ve molded candy. Awesome!

The coolest part is I also got to take home my very own candies with my name on them! And it’s the color of my blog too! Now if you also wish to have customized candies for special events and even just as a unique present, you got Made in Candy’s Candy Men and Candy Chefs to back you up. Just tell them your vision, and the Candy Chef will evaluate if it’s feasible given the color, flavor and design that you want. If so, they’ll provide you with a mock-up and once approved, everything is a go! It usually takes 1-2 weeks to prepare customized candies.

I wasn’t surprised to know that they make lollipops too! Of course, I didn’t pass the chance of making my own.

Made in Candy has a wide variety of flavors from the usual fruity tastes like Apple and Orange, to the less conventional ones like Green Tea, Soursop, and Kiwi. The best part is that these treats tasted as good as they look.

Made in Candy has branches in Powerplant Rockwell (2F), SM Megamall (UG/F), Alabang Town Center (New Wing), Glorietta 4 (3F), and SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor). Here are the Made In Candy prices for your reference:

35g small jar = Php 90.00
70g medium jar = Php 150.00
135large jar = Php 260.00
30g foil bag = Php 50.00
70g foil bag = Php 100.00
2.5” diameter lollipop = Php 70.00
6”diameter Hand-crafted lollipop = Php 825.00
9”diameter Hand-crafted lollipop = Php1,650.00

For custom orders, a minimum of 4 kilos is required. This is more or less as much as 114 pieces of small jars or 29 pieces of large jars.
Made In Candy Philippines
(02) 866-5623

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