#ChangeIsDelicious: Crunchy Garlic is Bonchon’s Newest Flavor!

We recently move to our new office earlier this month, and I can really say that our new workplace was more refreshing than the previous one. It reflects our energetic personalities and fun company culture more accurately. Indeed, every now and then we need a little bit of change in our lives to keep our every day from being boring and routinary.
The same thing goes for me when we’re talking about food. I’m always on the lookout for something new and exciting, especially that a lot of new restaurants are now coming up with creative dishes and innovative concepts. One of the new discoveries that I’ve made was BonChon’s new flavor! On its 4th year here in the Philippines, BonChon’s offers us a new and exciting flavor – the Crunchy Chicken Garlic!

Tadaaaa! The Crunchy Garlic Flavor. A 1-piece boxed meal costs only Php 99.00

My favorite BonChon flavors used to be Soy Garlic and just last year, Honey Citrus as well. After having a taste of the Crunchy Garlic variety at the launch last Tuesday at BonChon, Greenhills, I knew that this will be my new craving for quite some time.

It’s great with Seoul Fried Rice (Php 45.00)

We also had some Calamari (Php135.00) for our appetizer – it could do well though with more flavor. Or maybe I would have had a better experienced if it was served warmer.

*Quick Trivia: “BonChon” means “My Hometown”

The Crunchy Garlic flavor is a notch crispier than its predecessors. It also has a distinct sweet flavour, yet you can still taste a bit of tangy and zesty at the same time. What sealed the deal with me though, were the bits of roasted garlic sprinkled on top of the chicken – I liked it so much that I kept exclaiming that I wanted to eat some more in spite of reaching my tummy’s capacity.

Can you see the bits of garlic chips? Lick ’em all!

What’s cooler though, is that this new flavor is also available for the fish meals in BonChon’s menu. This is good news for me since aside from the chicken, I often order the fish fillet meal, not to mention that the Lenten Season is already around the corner.

The Crunchy Garlic flavor of BonChon is already available for everyone to try.  Let me know if you liked it as much as I did 😉

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