Brew on the Go: A “Go Brewed Instant Drip Coffee” Review

We are no doubt, a nation of coffee drinkers. Whether you’re one of those who find comfort in a glamourized cup of Starbucks frappe (with some variants really just a few notches from being considered as dessert), or those who are content with a mug of instant coffee, it can’t be denied that having a cuppa joe has been a part of a lot of Filipinos’ daily routine. Personally, caffeine has become my fuel to get on with the day.
I often go to coffee shops but most of the time it’s not really for the coffee itself – but more for a reliable internet connection, or it just happened to be the most convenient place for a meeting. I’m already happy with a simple black, brewed coffee and I don’t think you really need to go to a coffee shop to have one.
But then again, not all Filipino households have a coffee maker, which is why instant coffee is pretty popular here in PH. They’re not that bad really, and with the kind of assortments that we have (we got white, black, brown, 3in1, LA, etc.), one can never really run out of options! But then again, there are some of us who like our coffee brewed, but as much as I wanted it to be so, if you’re a yuppie like me who counts every second to keep up with my lifestyle, instant coffee does sound more convenient…not to mention cheap.
But what if you can brew coffee…instantly?
Enter the coffee innovation that brings together the complexity of pour-over method, and the convenience of an instant coffee – instant drip bags.
Apparently, instant coffee drip bags have already been popular in Japan since the 1990’s.  This novelty pretty much works like a tea bag, but instead of tea leaves, you have finely ground coffee in the pack. However, instead of dropping the bag into the cup, drip bags have cardboard or paper handles that you can attach to the rim of your cup so the filter hangs securely over.
You then pour hot water over the filter, wait for it to drip, and you already have a single serving of hand-poured coffee in an instant! Easy peasy!
My first encounter with instant drip bags was on Best Food Forward 2015, where I discovered Go Brewed Instant Drip Coffee. I was able to try their products for myself and I wonder why this isn’t already popular here in the Philippines.

How to use Instant Drip Coffee:

1.     Open the filter through the easy-tear line.
2.     Open the cardboard handles of the filer. Hang securely on the rip of your cup.
3.     Pour hot water into the filter up to the brim. Wait for the water to drip and repeat until cup is filled.
4.     To dispose, use cardboard handles without touching the filter.
Go Brewed has four blends to choose from to suit your taste. The Legato Blend is mild,  the Mezzo Blend is moderate, and the Allegro Blend is the strong variant. The Allegro Blend works well in perking me up and giving me that boost to survive the day.
The Go Brewed website doesn’t specify exactly how much an order is, but I discovered that it’s available at Marketa.PH for Php 200.00 a box, with each box containing 7 sachets.  True, it’s more expensive than the regular 3in1 instant sachet, but waaaay more affordable that a cup from Starbucks.
I’m not saying though that this would stop me from going to coffee shops. If the internet connection is reliable and the barista is cute, why not?

Go Brewed

Contact Number: +63 917 853 5293

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