Breakfast for Lunch: An IHOP Review


I have just ruined my diet.

For the past few weeks I have been regularly having whole wheat bread for my breakfast and a combination of brown, black, and red rice for my other meals. I’ve been trying to lose some weight, not just because I’m joining the healthy lifestyle bandwagon but primarily because of some practical reasons: my pants are getting tighter on me and I already can’t wear some of my clothes (Yes. Shameful, I know). This rebound of stopping my work-out routine is taking its toll on me!
But then, here comes IHOP, with all the sweet, fluffy, irresistible goodness of their signature pancakes. Who can say no to buttermilk pancakes loaded with cheese and topped with cream, syrup, and fresh strawberries? Or one that’s topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and real chocolate chips? Who can say no when you have four special flavors of syrup to choose from to sweeten your pancakes to taste?  Surely, you can’t blame me if I had to push my cheat day a little bit earlier right?


IHOP Restaurant, also known as the International Houseof Pancakes, opened its doors to Filipino customers last February 15, 2013 at 30th and 9th Ave., W Global Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Lucky for me, it’s just a few meters from where I work, my officemates and I practically walked to the place for our lunch break on its first day. And given that it’s the opening day, there were so many customers that we had to get a reservation for 11am just to make sure that we get tables right away when we go there.
Most of the tables are on the second floor, with just the receptionist’s desk and a few tables on the first floor. The place allowed a good amount of natural light to come in so I’m imagining it would be nice to have an early breakfast here. Although don’t expect a coffee-shop ambiance just yet because the place gets crowded with customers excited to try their dishes.

Even though I visited on lunchtime, I ordered breakfast dishes since I wanted to try their specialties. The omelettes and the pancakes should be a good start. According to the nice lady who took our orders, the must-try pancake flavor is the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancake (Php 255.00) and the must-try omelette is the Colorado Omelette (Php 325.00), which according to the menu is a “meat lover’s delight”. This is perfect for the carnivore in me. Wrapped inside well done layers of scrambled eggs is a generous (and I mean GENEROUS) amount of mixed shredded beef, bacon, sausages, ham, and some spices and cheese. Take that with some hot sauce and salsa and it was indeed a meat lover’s delight! The Chocolate Chocolate Chip pancake was as chocolate as it can get, with chocolate chips both inside and outside the pancake itself. Now I understand why it had to have two “Chocolates” in its name.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancake

The Colorado Omelette
Other pancakes that we tried are the New York Cheesecake Pancake (this was the fluffy, strawberry topped buttermilk pancake I was talking about earlier, at Php 285.00), and the CINN-A-Stack Pancake (Php 235.00) which had a cinnamon roll filling. My favourite so far was the New York Cheesecake Pancake. Those strawberries and whipped go so well with the pancakes and syrup! You can choose from Strawberry, Old Fashioned, Blueberry, and Butter Pecan (my favourite) syrup flavors. I’d also be looking forward to try the Double Blueberry pancakes and Strawberry Banana pancakes on my next visit.

New York Cheesecake Pancake

Oops..sorry for the fallen cream. The CINN-A-Stack Pancake

For the omelettes, we also tried the Big Steak Omelette (Php 325.00) and Bacon Temptation Omelette (Php 285.00).Both are equally good and tasty but personally, I loved my Colorado Omelette the best.

Bacon Temptation Omelette

Big Steak Omelette

They got some good hashbrowns too!

You should also try their Specialty Entrees! We asked the lady taking our orders which is the most special among these specialties and she recommended to us the Specialty Fiesta Chicken Wrap (Php 275.00), which was basically grilled chicken with cheeses, corn, lettuce, and dressing wrapped in flour tortilla. You get to choose between fries and fresh seasonal fruits for your side dish. It tasted special alright, though I’m also looking forward to try the rest.

Specialty Fiesta Chicken Wrap

You won’t be disappointed with their drinks as they have free refills for certain beverages. I got one of their IHOP Splashers, the Splashberry (Php 175.00) which was a blend of lemon-lime soda, orange juice, and real juicy strawberries! And I’m not just talking about strawberry bits here. These are real strawberry chunks we are talking about. And they get replenished when you refill your drink too!


Just look at that Strawberry chunk!
IHOP offers a wide variety of dishes, mostly breakfast specialties. From French Toast, Waffles, and Oatmeal to Burgers, Crepes, and Salads, you’ll have a wide range of choices on how you wish to enjoy your morning meal. Admittedly though, we have to say that the price is a bit expensive (please also  note that the prices in the menu does not yet include the 10% service charge) but I have to say that they have very generous servings that these can also be good for sharing. You might also stretch your patience a little bit with the ladies taking your orders as it’s a bit obvious that they’re still feeling their way around.
IHOP is open from 6AM until 12AM. If you’re planning to visit soon, I also strongly recommend that you call them for a reservation at (02) 687 5611.
I should really start sticking back to my diet. Or maybe I can have two cheat days every week?


  1. omg! i love eating omelettes in the morning!! i am currently hving one now with potatoes and bacon glad to know this! been craving for pancakes this week hope we can this in malaysia too!

  2. Their pancake is the most ordinary pancake I've ever tasted! Worst pancake ever! I will not recomend IHOP to my friends and family. Not worth your money.

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