#BiteIntoClouds: Kumori Japanese Bakery

It’s been some time since I’ve been back to SM North. I used to hang out there a lot back in college, as it’s one of the most decent malls close to UP Diliman. I went back there a few weeks ago to go on a food crawl with some of my favorite food bloggers, and it felt so good to reminisce the times when life was a lot less complicated, and all I had to worry about was not getting late for my next class.
SM North has changed since then, although not a lot. One of the most significant changes I noticed was that the basement area of The Block has been transformed into a “Food Circuit” where several high-profile food establishments have sprung up. One of which is the Japanese bakery, Kumori.

The branch at SM North was just small, yet it looked cozy and inviting enough for any passerby to want to take a peek inside. Given the Japanese’ love for sweet baked delights and my fondness for bread, I knew that I was going to enjoy Kumori’s baked goodies. Here are some of what I had:
Cherry Brioche – Php 51.00

My eyes naturally gravitated towards the Cherry Brioche, as  it was the most attractive among the bunch presented to us that day. Premium brioche dough are baked and filled with custard then topped with red cherries.
Apple Cheese Danish – Php 59.00

You’re in for a treat when you sink your teeth into the Apple Cheese Danish. What I thought would be hard bread turned out to be soft and flaky, with cream cheese oozing out of it with every bite.
Custard Butter Bun – Php 45.00

The Custard Butter Bun may not look much, but it actually turned out to be my favorite among everything that was served. The soft bread is actually a shell that contains rich egg custard and milky buttercream. Yum!
Crabstick Bun – Php 58.00

Now this one I can imagine to be great for afternoon merienda. The crabstick taste is distinct, and complemented well the creamy Japanese mayonnaise.
Mozzu Chizu Pan – Php 59.00

The fact that this goodie had tomatoes, herbs, white sauce, and mozarella cheese already makes this a softer cousin of our well-loved pizza. It doesn’t have toppings but it’s also pretty good!
The Choco Hazelnut Milkshake  – Php 175.00
The Japanese Sweetcorn Milkshake – Php 175.00
The Matcha milkshake – Php 185.00

These milkshakes are too pretty, you wouldn’t want to drink them right away! These are Kumori’s most Instagrammable orders, although after taking a few sips, I can’t really say that they’re the best I’ve tried. Was decent enough but could be a bit creamier if you ask me.
Other than the dishes mentioned above, I also strongly suggest that you try Kumori’s Signature Hanjuku Cheeses and Krones. Trust me, once you get a taste of one, you’ll want to keep asking for more.


Basement, The Block
Landmark Makati
Lower Ground Floor
(+63) 917-6569430
SM Makati
Lower Ground Floor
(+63) 917-569430

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