A poorly taken picture of Agave’s exterior

We were planning to go to Blue Onion that night, but we stopped by Agave to get a few drinks while waiting for our friend. One of us also knew the vocalist of the band performing that night that’s why we chose the place.

With the band Vocalist – Maica (second from left)

There isn’t really anything special about the place. It was nice, and not stuffy inside regardless of the fact that it’s just a small bar. We didn’t get bored during our stay and the band was good, kept everyone entertained and engaged. I even got to the chance to sing! You can imagine that it was a mess.
Trivia! Yey! Agave is a plant  native to Mexico and in some parts of western US and South America. Thank you Wikipedia!
We weren’t planning to stay long so we didn’t get to try the food. I think we should have since they offer a wide range of Mexican food from burgers, ribs, chops, quesadillas, burritos…aaaargggh!!!
We ordered a pitcher of Strawberry Margarita and some Mojito. I recommend the Margarita.
To make up for not being able to try the food, here is the link to their menu. This already got the food description and prices so this is pretty useful in case you’re planning to visit. Happy now?
Anyone who has tried their food?