The title of this blog post is not about the fact that I visited Milky & Sunny with my friends on a night time. It’s about how our dining experience was like when we decided to be risky one Friday night and went inside Milky & Sunny to have our dinner, in spite of knowing nothing about it except that they usually serve meals best had on breakfast.
*Please forgive me for the quality of the pictures. I didn’t have my camera at the time so I had to use my phone. And I didn’t think I’ll be going back there anytime soon to take more decent pictures, so yeah, apologies?*
We were planning to have our dinner in Poco Deli at Kapitolyo, Pasig that night. But because the place was so full, we had to look for other options. Milky and Sunny caught our attention because first, the façade is eye-catching and second, there weren’t any customers inside so there’s more space for us. Admittedly though, the second reason should have already been a warning for us who were looking for some nice place to eat that night. But what can we do? We were already so hungry and frustrated at not getting a table at Poco Deli’s that we were desperate for having a seat and saying our orders ASAP.

See? Nobody but us…or so we thought

When we got inside, we actually liked the place. It was small but comfy and creative. BUT the place has apparently been reserved for an event that night, so there were some girls decorating the place, which I assume were the ones who had the place reserved. This became a major turn-off for me and my friends because of several factors:
1.               Since the place was small and they were preparing for an event, the place became messy as their stuff was all around the area.
2.       In spite of having no customers other than us, the place felt crowded.
3.       The girls were so noisy and they were taking over the place that my friends and I felt out of -place. Not a very good feeling for first-time customers if you ask me.
4.       The staff seemed to be keener on entertaining the girls who reserved the place. Our orders were hurriedly taken, they weren’t smiling when they were taking our orders, and one of them didn’t even bother to look at me when I asked where the rest room was.
5.       Personally, I think that since the place was reserved, they shouldn’t have accepted customers that night. If we knew before we ordered, we would’ve looked for another place to dine.
Okay so while we were having our food, those ladies at the back of my two buddies were shuffling around,  moving their stuff, and taking over the place. We couldn’t blame them because they had a reservation but it really made us uncomfortable and out of place.
Sad to say, customer service would get a very low rating from me. I told my friend: “They have very poor customer service, don’t you think?” And she told me, “I don’t think there’s any customer service at all”. She also remarked about their poorly designed menu, which had the dish name and the price, but there was not even a description or at least a picture. We were ordering blindly that night.
When it comes to the food though, I’ll have to say that it was good and satisfying. My friends and I ordered some of their specialties which were the “Bacon and Spam Pasta” (Php 190.00), “Chicken and Waffles” (Php 170.00), “Sunny Sardines Pasta” (Php 180.00), and two of their Rice & Egg Meals: Chicken (Php 160.00), and Corned Beef (Php 130.00).
Bacon and Spam Pasta

Chicken and Waffles

Sunny Sardines Pasta

Corned Beef Rice and Egg Meal

Chicken Rice and Egg Meal

The cook needed a course on frying egg though. I flipped over my sunny-side up to see how overcooked it was. Heck, this looks like my cooking.

You can also have a Big Breakfast Plate where you get to have meat, bread, and eggs, plus hash potatoes, all for only Php 270.00.

Milky and Sunny is at 9 East Capitol Drive, Bgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City. You can reach them at 654-2049, or visit their website at www.milkynsunny.com.



  1. Di nako babalik dito, over price ang mga foods, di pa ganun kasarap. I ordered the spam and bacon pasta bitin lang naman ang mahal pa. We can compare the price sa poco deli few blocks away from milky and sunny pero yung 300 pesos meal mo dun sobrang solve kana dimo pa mauubos sa sobrang dami.

  2. i would really try to go to milky and sunny cause im curious with the food. it was -probably bad timing cause there were people who were setting up for an event. they were probably too busy to notice other customers 🙂

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