WeChat launches WeRewards Program: More Freebies and Promos for Users!


So I was being my stingy self the other day and made a few computations of my personal expenses for the past month. Unsurprisingly, I found out that a huge chunk of my expenses go to my food trips and movie dates. As a food and movie blogger I always think of these as necessary expenditures however, I’m starting to realize that I should probably start getting myself in control when visiting restaurants or buying movie tickets!

It was this sudden urge to be thriftier that led me to discover that I can actually get free original DVDs of blockbuster movies from Lazada through reward points that I can earn by using WeChat. A little bit more research made me learn that I can also get discounts on food purchases from FoodPanda! Awesome! But then I thought, “wait, WeChat has a rewards program?”

Yep, they do, and they call it WeRewards which basically lets users accumulate points through daily tasks like making 60-second voice or video calls. Kinda like getting experience points for accomplishing daily tasks in a game..haha. Each corresponding action gives WeChat users 30 points (maximum per day) which can be used to redeem prizes. I use WeChat from time to time so I can tell that I might be getting myself some DVDs soon!

Here are the other items that you can get through WeChat’s WeRewards program:

PENSHOPPE Ladies’ Loose Round Neck Animal Print T-Shirt, from Lazada.com.ph

Sibyl M-59 Dog Tail Earphones, from Lazada.com.ph

50% discount on Sports Armband by Runtastic

Free entry and free drink at Urbn and Raven BGC
With all these, looks like WeChat can be your ultimate lifestyle buddy! Personally I also got my eyes on those Sibyl earphones and Runtastic armbands. Perfect coz’ I’m making some effort in losing a bit of weight too. See? Ultimate lifestyle buddy.

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