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Paydro Live App Review


Paydro Live App Review ( Paydro Questions ): Have you ever watched a game show on TV and told yourself you could have won that grand prize because you knew all the answers to the questions? Now you got a chance to take part in a trivia game with real cash prize without having to go to a studio. Simply download the Paydro Live app and register to participate in a trivia game show right from your phone.

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What is the Paydro Game?

Similar to the HQ Trivia game, Paydro Live is an app that hosts a live trivia game to all participating players. The app live-streams games where the host will ask a series of multiple-choice Paydro questions. You may download the Paydro game from the Google Play Store or App Store. Use the referral code geoffreview when you sign-up to get extra “Puso” in your account (more about “Puso” later)

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Paydro Review

Playing the Paydro game is easy. Once you have downloaded the app and registered, you will get push notifications on your phone to let you know the Paydro schedules. During the game, a host will ask a series of Paydro questions. When you get to answer all questions correctly, you can win a cash prize.

Note that all the winners in a single Paydro game will split the cash prize. For example, if the cash prize for the day is Php 10,000.00 and there are 10 winners, each winner will split the 10K and get Php 1,000.00 each.

Paydro Questions

All the Paydro Live questions are in multiple-choice form. Each game has eleven Paydro questions, which may include a “Laglag” question that are supposedly harder and meant to eliminate more players. The last question is called the “Walwal” question, which is supposedly the hardest.

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Paydro Puso

A “Puso” is essentially an extra life in the game. When you answer a Paydro question incorrectly, you can to use your “Puso” to stay in the game. Note that only one “Puso” can be used per game, and you cannot use a “Puso” in the “Walwal” question. 

You may get an extra “Puso” when you invite your friends to join using your referral code. Use the referral code geoffreview when you sign-up to get extra “Puso” in your account. Note though that even if you gather several “Puso”, you can only use it once in every Paydro Game.

Paydro Schedule

Below is the regular Paydro Live Schedules:

  • Tuesdays – 12:30 PM
  • Thursdays – 12:30 PM
  • Fridays – 12:30 PM

You need to have at least Php 500.00 in your account to cash-out.

To know more about the Paydro game, visit Paydro.PH.


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