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I’m no tech expert but there’s something about gadgets that make me all thrilled and giddy! 2014 has been a pretty rewarding year and when I looked back to check where all my money went (I’m not very good at keeping track), it would seem that aside from food and movies, a huge chunk of my moolah went to the purchase of techy thingamajigs.
Allow me to present to you, my 2014 gadget haul!
It may not be much compared to some tech bloggers I know, but hey, don’t you think they’re lovely? Admittedly, these are no longer the latest generation gizmos (given the eagerness of tech companies to release a newer version of the gadget they just released a month ago), but they’re all useful to me all the same. Let’s a have a quick look at all of them, shall we?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is probably the most overused of all my gadgets. I fell in love with the Note series the moment I had my Note 2 since it helped me a lot with blogging (no more taking notes blindly in the cinema), and so the Note 3 was an upgrade that revolutionized the way I do my stuff. A 13 megapixel camera, excellent multi-tasking tools, and a screen that’s great for watching videos and playing games – not to mention it makes me look cooler when I’m taking notes in meetings. I know they’ve released the Note 4 some months back but I don’t think I’d let go of my love for my Note 3 pretty soon.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

The perfect companion to my Note 3.  This is the first generation of the Galaxy Gear series but it already made some significant changes to my daily routine. I no longer need to take my phone outta my bag just to check what the vibration is about. One look at my Galaxy Gear and I already know if the message I just received is important or just one of those annoying spam texts. It has already saved me several times from leaving my phone behind, and its built-in camera is so useful when you’re spying at people…not that I’m spying on anyone…or something… like..that…ANYWAYS

Seagate 500 GB Hard Drive

My trusty Hard Drive is one of the incentives I got for doing well in my job. Some friends said that it’s not a good idea to store all of your stuff inside one hard drive, so instead of getting 1 Terabyte of storage, I got a 500 Gigabyte instead, with the plan to have another one some time soon (so that’s two 500GB hard drives, just in case your Math is as bad as mine). Don’t you just love the look of my Seagate storage? So slim and shiny!

The Acer Iconia Tab 8

Gone are the days when I had to carry around my laptop with me all the time in case I get the likely call for work, or the irresistible urge to blog. I got this lifesaver for FREE when I joined the #AcerXYugatechQuiz Night, and our team emerged as the highest scorer. This is probably the best freebie that I got last year! Right now, I’m primarily using it as an eBook reader, and as a better toy to play Plants Vs Zombies, but I can already foresee that I’m going to be using this baby for a lot of typing this coming year. Read about my #AcerXYugatechQuizNight experience, and my first imresssions of the Acer Iconia Tab 8 here.

Valore Powerbank

I got my Valore  Powerbank for a really good price, given that the original owner got this as a freebie in the World of Tanks BLITZ event. It’s 12000 mAh power capacity is enough to charge my Note 3 for around 3-4 times if I’m not mistaken, and it has saved me from an empty phone battery for several times already! Not to mention that I loved it’s style – especially when I run my fingers through its rugged texture finishing. And do I need to say more about how cool its color is?

Canon EOS Camera

I knew I needed a more decent camera when I realized that I’m already having more blog posts about food than movies. Now this is another good buy, with my packaged purchase already inclusive of two lenses and two 8GB Memory Cards! The pictures taken with it are sharp and detailed. Now I just need to learn the necessary photography skills to make sure all those good features and specs don’t come to waste!

Making this post makes me feel better about my spend for last year. I think I’ve made a good investment with those gadgets, especially for my blog. This year though, maybe I can invest on experiencing the world this time – travels maybe?

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