How to Pause Youtube Upload

How to Pause Youtube Upload: Resume Youtube Videos Where You Left Off



I’ve been recently just uploaded the first Part of my Australia Trip vlog post (check it out here), and one of the challenges I had was the suuuuper long upload time. It as a 15 minute long video, and several of the footages were shot in 4K, so it only made sense for it to take several hours to upload on Youtube.


Now if you’ve also been uploading Youtube videos, you’ll know by now that there isn’t really a “Pause” button in the upload page. There’s only the “Publish” button, and that little “x” mark at the end of the progress bar, which obviously would cancel the whole thing.


Problem was, I needed to stop my upload because I needed to bring my laptop to work. Is there a way to just pause the upload progress, then get back to it later and resume the Youtube video upload, without going back to zero?


I did a little bit of research and apparently, despite the missing pause button, there is a way to resume Youtube videos where you left off. Here’s how:

How to Pause Youtube Upload

  1. While uploading, click on the “x” button at the end of the progress bar.How to Pause Youtube Upload
  2. There’ll be a pop-up notice asking if you really want to cancel upload. Click on “Cancel Upload” (don’t worry, just go ahead and click it!).How to Pause Youtube Upload
  3. When you’re ready to continue your upload, simple go to the upload page, then upload the same video file. Make sure that the file is saved on the same folder/location, as when you first uploaded it (this is important!).How to Pause Youtube Upload
  4. The progress bar will say “UPLOAD PENDING…”, After some time (depending on the size of your file), the progress will resume starting from the same percentage, where you left it off before cancelling!How to Pause Youtube Upload


This saved me from a lot of hassle that comes with uploading huge video files. However, I’ve read somewhere that you have to resume uploading within 24 hours in order for this to work. Otherwise, upload will go all the way back to 0%. I haven’t confirmed this yet but I’d rather not risk losing all that progress.


I hope this helps! While you’re at it, please check out the vlog I uploaded in my channel below. And oh, please SUBSCRIBE! I need them subscribers.