Have Your Revenge against Flappy Bird with Squishy Bird!

Are you frustrated beyond words at how that freakin bird just can’t get its shit together and fly properly? Are you infuriated at the fact that in spite of how focused you get, this infernal beast still finds a way to bump its head on those copycat pipes? Now’s your chance to have your revenge! Moahahaha!!!
My friend, I present to you Squishy Bird! Our redemption from this endless loop of tapping and flapping and cursing your workmate.
The “Flappy Birds” would come flapping their why through some pipes, and as they do – SQUISH EM! SQUISH AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!! You can play the game here: http://squishybird.com/
Trust me, satisfaction guaranteed. Especially if you’ve already thrown your phone across the wall because of that stupid game.
A quick note: This Squishy Bird website is a parody and is not affiliated with Flappy Bird or .GEARS Studios.

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Geoffrey Ledesma