Chatting is More Fun with SM Viber Stickers!


If you’ve read my previous posts about my out-of-town getaways, food trips, and even staycations, you’ll notice that I often go on these adventures with the same group of friends. We all love food, travelling and seeing movies that’s why we get along so well! We always find a reason to get together and hang.

We do these trips more or less every month, but given that our schedules are not the same, each of these trips require some careful planning and coordination. The most convenient way to do so, is of course to chat with each other online. We have a group chat on Viber where we plan these get-togethers (or even just talk about random stuff and

Since everyone seems to be pretty busy this month, we figured that another out-of-town trip might not be feasible. But still, we had to fulfill this monthly ritual – so we thought of having a movie marathon at SM Megamall instead! It’s gonna be a whole lot more affordable than our usual trips, so why not, yeah?
Allow me to share with you how this “yayaan” usually goes:

Long story short, Tin and I got to SM Megamall first. Emil was late (no surprise in that…lol), and eventually, our own version of #TheSMSquad was complete around dinnertime. It was a simple weekend hangout – we had dinner at a Korean buffet, then had a movie marathon of sorts at the SM Cinema afterwards. It was a simple get-together, but I guess even the simplest things become so much fun when you’re with the right company.
You may notice that we use a LOT of stickers on our group chat. We do so primarily because they’re so much fun to use, and make the conversations more expressive. Our recent sticker-obsession is the SM Viber Sticker Pack (you can download them here) and as you can see, it’s the one that we’ve been using the most recently. 
They’re easily relatable to conversations, not to mention a fun and cute way of talking to friends and loved ones, especially when it involves a trip to the mall. 

The best part is that SM Supermalls currently has a promo with The SM Store until October 15, 2016 (that’s this Saturday!). Anyone who shows they have a sticker pack can avail of a 10% discount to all regular priced items with minimum spend of 1,500! Check out SM Supermalls’ social media accounts to know more about these. 
Now that SM Supermalls is on Viber, looks like we’re going to have more reasons to have our get-togethers in the mall! #SMonViber it is! 
#TheSMSquad is also on Viber public chat, so you may wanna check this out if you want to stay updated with what’s cool – such as 3 Day Sales, events, shopping promos and discounts, new products released, newly opened retaurants.

Oh, and be sure to Download the SM Sticker Pack on Viber, as these stickers will be available only for 3 months in the Viber Sticker Market. Don’t worry though, the stickers will be usable to you for good once you’ve already downloaded them.
I already have a few ideas on what we can do next month. Bowling and ice-skating sounds great, don’t you think?


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