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Being a movie buff, I always try to make it a habit to be one of the first to watch the latest movies in cinemas. I make an effort to catch the latest films as early as possible, so I also get to be one of the first to share my reviews of them online. Because of my movie reviews in my blog, I often get invited to advanced screenings of movies, that I already have a collection of customized tickets with me which I proudly display on my work station like medals.

But then again, I don’t always get the first dibs. Having a day job means I only get a limited time for leisure, and there are times when weeks have gone past after the release date of a movie before I actually get to see it. This becomes frustrating because if I miss a movie in the cinemas, I wouldn’t have a lot of options left to see it when I want to.
But that was before. I recently made an account at Blink and right now, I have unlimited access to their huge library of awesome Hollywood movies and TV Shows for 30 days! I now have the chance to see the films that I have missed in the past, and revisit the episodes of my favourite TV Shows that I have missed because of my hectic schedule. Looks like I will be having a lot of catching up to do!
But you’re probably wondering right now what Blink is in the first place. Lemme tell you a little bit about Blink:
What is Blink and how does it work?

Blink is a video-on-demand streaming website that lets you instantly stream your favourite Hollywood Movies and TV Shows over the internet. You sign-up, get a subscription, and voila! You can start streaming whenever, wherever, and however you want it – via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. It’s like a cool, Pinoy version of Netflix (Blink’s service is currently available only in the Philippines). Awesome, right?


The first thing on top of my mind when I finally had my exclusive access to TV Shows through my Blink account was to look for the Pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory. I’ve been a huge fan of the series but shamefully, I haven’t seen its very first episode yet. I find it convenient how each episode has a short description so I can easily identify which episodes I have missed and which ones I have already seen.


Of course, I also wasted no time in checking out the movies. I recently saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 on Imax, and because of this I felt the urge to “re-watch” the first Amazing Spiderman movie. Thankfully, Blink had it in their library, so I had the chance to get giggly all over again at how the Peter Parker – Gwen Stacy love story started.

Blink Pricing
If you’re already thinking of “Blinking” and start enjoying tons of fresh Hollywood movies and TV Shows like I do, here are the bundles and prices of Blink that you can avail of:

How to Blink
And here’s a detailed explanation of how it works. But seriously, the interface on the desktop and mobile platforms is friendly enough that I didn’t really have a hard time figuring out how the whole thing works.

The Blink app is also available for download on Android and iOS so you can easily see your favourite shows while on the go. I can imagine this would be really helpful when killing time while waiting for my flight. You can download it from the Play Store here, or from the App Store here. Be sure to check out their website as well at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have a Big Bang Theory catching-up to do 😉

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