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STANDBY APRIL presents “Monologo/Manifesto”


This summer, “QC Tambay Times Kids“, a group of performers and artists based in Quezon City, will be staging an independent setup-and-strike guerilla production called “Standby April”. From April 11-27 the production will present “Monologo/Manifesto”, a double-bill travelling performance of Carlo Paulo Pacolor’s “TATLONG MONOLOGO” & Mixkaela Villalon’s cult hit “STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO

Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto is a one-act play featuring a journalist on the trail of a string of murders in the unnamed alleys and estuaries of the City. She meets a corrupt policeman, and two of the ruthless vigilante killers hired to do these executions. With elements of noir, murder mystery, and good old fashioned detective work, what seems like an ordinary dark tale of murder becomes an exposé of how faulty our conceptions of justice and truth is in the face of covert fascism.

standby april streetlight manifesto

Tatlong Monologo is just that, three monologues about the decay of bourgeois virtues: one is about a drug runner who’s in an abusive relationship with his best friend, the other about a director haunted by his lover’s disappearance, and lastly, a woman’s story detailing the corroded architecture of her marital and extra-marital desires. This piece explores how we think our private longings are separate from public infrastructures of violence but in fact the disaster it oftentimes entail is its direct consequence.

standby april QC Tambay Times Kids

Standby April features the artists Miguel Bongato, Bunny Cadag, Kathlyn Castillo, Mark Dalacat, Ekis Gimenez, Amihan Ruiz, Opaline Santos & Jzar Tabilin. Each play will be accompanied by live musicians. Carlo Bernardino of Tukar Sinati will be on kubing to accompany Tatlong Monologo And Bea Fabros of La Loba Negra will accompany Streetlight Manifesto.


SHOWDATES (Show starts at 9 PM. TRT: 1hr:30m):

APRIL 11, 12, 13 { Tomatokick Morato, Sct. Madriñan, Quezon City } { P250 }
APRIL 20 { MullenLowe Philippines, Ayala Ave., Makati City } { BLANK TICKETED }
APRIL 25, 26, 27 { Catch272, T. Gener., Quezon City } { BLANK TICKETED }

For tickets and more information, check out the Standby, April Facebook Page.


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