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Foodie Mania With SM City Tarlac Restaurants


#FandomManiaAtSMNorthLuzon: SM CITY TARLAC RESTAURANTS: Despite the distance I went all the way to Tarlac a few weeks ago to be part of the Foodie Mania at SM City Tarlac. The Foodie Mania is part of the “Fandom Mania at SM North Luzon”, where several SM malls within the North Luzon area, will celebrate different kinds of passions such as hobbies, gadgets, sports, and yes…food!

foodie mania at sm city tarlac

I was invited to be the guest blogger of SM City Tarlac, where I shared my “foodie Journey” as a food blogger, and share some tips about blogging and food photography as well. There were several eager students who also wanted to up their foodstagram game, so I did a quick demo of how I usually take my shots.

fandom mania at sm north luzon

SM City Tarlac also held an online contest, where mall goers can take pictures of the food they had at some of the SM City Tarlac Restaurants, and post the shots on their social media accounts. As the guest blogger, I will also judge who will be the winner of this online contest.

To be honest, I didn’t really have to teach much to the participants during the demo, because they were already pretty good at taking pictures of food! Here are some of the food shots we took:


sm city tarlac cinema

sm city tarlac restaurants inihaw express
Inihaw Express
sm city tarlac restaurants kusina ni gracia lechon
Kusina ni Gracia

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sm city tarlac restaurants wicked spoon bingsu
Wicked Spoon
sm city tarlac restaurants lemon station
Lemon Station
sm city tarlac open today
sm city tarlac sale 2017
Potato Corner
sm city tarlac restaurants mr softy
Mr. Softy
sm city tarlac restaurants siomai house
Siomai House
sm city tarlac restaurants tapa king
Tapa King
sm city tarlac restaurants tk takoyaki
TK Takoyaki
sm city tarlac restaurants tokyo tempura
Tokyo Tempura
sm city tarlac restaurants tubo delight
Tubo Delight

sm city tarlac tarlac city, tarlac

After my food blogging and food photography demo, a guest baker shared with us a quick and easy tiramisu recipe. I have also tried making tiramisu in the past, and posted the recipe here in my blog, but the recipe demonstrated to us was at a totally different level! I can tell that the audience was getting engaged as well! I’m going to try that recipe for myself and hopefully, it would turn out as good as the one prepared during the demo (fingers crossed).

After the event, I did a quick visit to the different SM City Tarlac restaurants and had a taste of the different dishes we took pictures of. These were sooo good, I even ended up bringing home some lechon from Kusina ni Gracia!

Was the long trip worth it? I’d say a huge YES!


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