I Live to Explore: A Foodie’s Journey

My love for good food has already brought me to a lot of different places. I’m always on the lookout for whatever’s new and exciting for my taste buds, that sometimes it’s my appetite that leads my feet, pushing me to go wherever there’s great-tasting grub on my radar.

My blog has become an online journal where I document every new experience that I have – with most of them talking a great deal about food. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve been to several food trips with my friends and exploring different kinds of cuisine with each unique trip. Every distinctive dish is also a one of a kind experience waiting to be explored – a whole adventure on a plate!

Who knew that food would be one of the primary movers for me to go out and live to experience more of life. My craving for crispy and juicy lechon once had me going on a spontaneous trip to Cebu! There was also an instance when a birthday celebration turned into a road trip to Laguna, just so we can have lunch at Dalcielo and have Mini Moo ice cream for dessert. I’ve also spent hours roaming the streets of Kapitolyo, Maginhawa, and even Taft in an effort to try the much talked about restaurants within these areas.

But then again, it’s not just the places but also the food themselves that are experiences waiting to be explored! Have you tried the strawberry milkshakedrizzled with Sriracha? How about pairing Pinoy streetfood with wine? Or maybe the sinful combination of chicharon dipped in chocolate? You’d realize that the world has so much to offer than the usual carinderia and fastfood dishes that we grew up with.

Moments also feel more special when you have food on the side. Having breakfast by the beach feels more festive when you’re having danggit, fresh orange juice, and ripe mangoes. I also imagined that I was in Venice when I was having pizza and spaghetti as I watched the boats sail idly by. Or even just a lazy weekend at home can feel more special with wine and chips to go with your movie marathon.

For someone like me who lives to explore, it helps to refresh not just your palate, but also your mind, body, and mood – making you feel fully alive to take on what’s ahead.

My blog has been my venue where I get to share the explorations that I’ve had with my love for food. Recently, I’ve found a “lifestyle drink” to make me feel more ready to live and share the stories of my journeys. B’lue is a refreshing water-based drink designed for our generation of storytellers inspired by You – who explore what it means to fully live your life.

I’m sure you also have your own stories to tell. Do you live to explore, create, love, express, sense, or inspire?

Share your own B’lue Live to Feel stories make them a part of of the book! You can even download it so you can have your won copy.

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